1. djharteloo
    In the past i've had good good experiences with them, this time, not so much
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Feb 14, 2019
    Let me start off by saying I've done business with them at gun shows in the past and always had a good experience, and other people i know have used their services with no problem.

    I dropped off a rifle with them on December 5th with a screw broken off for the scope mount. I dropped the rifle off with the owner and was told he wouldn't be able to look at it until the next week and I had no problem waiting.

    A couple weeks went by and I still hadn't heard anything so I called them and got the story about them having issues getting the extracted screw and that they would have to drill it out and retap it. No problem, I tell them to go a head with it.

    Now another month has gone by and its now towards the of January and I call them again asking for an update and I talk to someone different on the phone. I ask him whats going on with my rifle and he tells me that he knows about it but there still hasn't been any progress made. I tell him that if they aren't going to work on it that I was just going to come pick it up, he then proceeds to tell me that he was going to get it set up on the lathe right away. Okay, I'll give them the chance.

    Now today. another 2 and a half weeks later, I called again asking the status of my rifle, over two months after I dropped it off. I again got the gentlemen I spoke to last time and asked about my rifle.
    He then says "oh yeah I know that one, let me check on it" he comes back to tell me that it hasn't been drilled out or even touched since the last time I spoke to him. I told him that I will be picking up my rifle tomorrow and taking it to another gunsmith.

    I understand having backlogged work and other projects going but 2 and a half months to drill a hole, especially after telling me that they were going to start working on it after the second to last time I called is BS. I will not be bring them any further business.
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    1. NWCustomFirearms
      Official Response
      This review is not entirely accurate & has been reported as such.You are free to pick up your rifle anytime you want and we will not charge you for the time we have spent on your rifle trying to get the screw out.Several issues that have been out of our control have pushed several jobs back on top of our normal growing backlog and we apologize for that,we are only human. Read what the old gunsmith Harry M. Pope has to say about situations like this and we wish you the best of luck in the future