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Reviews summary

Overall rating
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
  • Friendly
  • Polite
  • Patient
  • Fair value
  • Good selection
  • Easy to miss location
Fantastic small business with equally excellent folks running the place.

I was given fair value for a trade in and was able to order something I wanted with that value. The staff there made it as simple a process as possible even considering these new laws.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go there or recommend it to others!
Should have wrote this while back. Wife and I have dealt with this shop since right after they opened. Found them by accident after a run around with another shop. Their price is not always the bottom dollar. I keep going back because they are always competitive and the service has been 5 star. I still price compare when shopping of course. If this shop is a few bucks more than another I have never used, or used and not been real happy with, I go to May’s hands down. Used them for a couple transfers and they were great. After this stupid new law where we can’t just sell a gun I even used them to trade in a gun I no longer wanted for one I did. I could have made a few bucks more selling it myself but with the hassle of doing that was not worth it. They gave me a price I had no problem with since I know they have to make a buck here too. Never a bad experience with them.
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