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Reviews summary

Overall rating
3.25 star(s) 4 ratings
  • None!
  • High prices
  • Won’t sell to 18,19,20 year olds
  • Sellout anti 2nd amendment owner
Wasted my friends time & mine!

Went down for a sale we saw on northwest firearms but found out the gunshop won’t sell to anyone under 21???

I was shocked to say the least!

After watching a News video !
He’s a sellout! anti-gun/anti-2A
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Great service provided and plenty of accessories available. Questions are answered honestly and if they do not know they will find out. Very competitive and the transfer costs are fair, other shops are proud on that pricing. Thanks!
I've purchased one handgun and lots of ammunition from Low Price Guns. They have the best prices and friendliest staff that I've found around the Bellevue area (Wades Gun Shop is way over priced and the staff is rude). They've always been friendly and never had an issue with me window shopping and holding various guns when I wasn't in there to buy anything. Join their mailing list for the best prices... it seems like they have a sale every month or so and they send these out via email.
As the title states: They have always had a good selection. Probably due to their existing in King county, in Belevue, their prices well sometimes good can usually be beat if you look around a bit.
Almost bought a few things pover the years but usually found it better priced elsewhere.
5 stars for providing full service and supporting NWF, 2 stars for pricing.