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Not really a range guy, as in I am 53 years old and today is the very first time I have been to an actual managed shooting range.

Also, not a WA resident, so I had to adjust my luggage before I took my nephew across the river to KCFTC this afternoon. I am an OR CHL holder and normally shoot on private land, but today is the start of hunting season and I neither want to upset hunters or get shot, but I promised my nephew a shooting day, so here is what we did:

Went to the LGS on my side of the river and asked if there was anything I needed to know. Didn’t get much info. Crossing the state line makes it less attractive to OR residents, and all the locals have places on our side of the river, including me, so even though it is 5 miles away as the crow flies, he don’t fly that route often.

We already had ammo (which is convenient, as KCFTC does not stock it), they provide free targets, or you can bring your own. IF you bring your own, the must be conventional bullseye targets. NO silhouette or zombie or exploding targets allowed.

Complete rules here: Klickitat County Firearms Trainking Center

We were greeted in the parking lot and the staff (three of them vs me and my nephew) were VERY accommodating and understanding, as I have a fair bit of difficulty acclimating to such a structured environment. My muzzle disciple is tight, but the rules about opening breach, flagging the chamber, do not touch your weapon, load your tube feed magazine while pointing your muzzle down range, etc. get to be a little much, for me. I KNOW they are needed, and I KNOW that having 30 shooters is a lot different than having 2.

That being said, the staff were all very forgiving, and they even called my nephew’s mother to get permission for the 16yr old to shoot (didn’t think of that!).

$15.00/2hr session, but they will even admit that enforcement of the time limit may be lax if the range is sparsely filled. Cash or check only.

Brass is your if you want it, their’s if you don’t.

They have distances out to 100 yds, and are planning a 300yd lane in the future. The benches are covered, and walled in on 3 sides, so when the rain came and the temperature dropped 6 degrees in 5 minutes, we felt it!

I am a DIYer, so paying to stand somewhere to shoot runs against every fiber of my being (and I am blessed with what amounts to my own private range on my side of the river). But KCFTC was a most welcome option when I did not want to be out in the woods today.

The staff were very attentive and professional.

As I have never been to a range before, I give them 4.5 starts out of 5. Their may be a range that offers free coffee and donuts - THEY will get 5 stars!

Hope that helps someone.
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