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Being in a fairly remote and rural part of Washington state, with a lot of leftist types, to say there aren't many choices in gun shops and FFLs is an understatement.

In fact, the largest town in the county, Pullman, has exactly five marijuana dispensaries and zero gun shops.

The only place in town to buy anything firearm-related is WalMart. Ridiculous in a town of 35k people.

In fact, the only FFL left in the entire county, as far as I know, is King's Arms in Colfax, WA.

It's owned and ran by a guy named Chris Olin, who is also a Sherriff's deputy in Whitman county. It started a few years ago in the basement of his home and he has just recently completed an addition to his home that houses a complete gun shop.

Chris is a great guy and extremely competent and knowledgeable when it comes to firearms and firearms laws.

His prices on weapons and ammo are surprisingly competitive with a decent selection and his $15 FFL transfer fee is excellent.

Currently, his hours are by appointment only, as he is still a full-time deputy and has rotating shifts.

I have bought several guns online and transferred them to him. He responds to my texts and emails very quickly and arranging a time to meet has never been an issue. He has even delivered a weapon to my home once.

Can't say enough great things about Chris and his endeavor and I encourage any firearms enthusiasts in the area to give him a try and some business.