Northwest Firearms
  1. ponyblanket
    It's A Family
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 10, 2019
    • + They have a huge inventory. Ask and ye shall receive.
    • + The prices are always encouraging. Usually better than anywhere else.
    • + They are efficient on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
    • + They are well-informed on every aspect of firearms.
    • - Very busy at times. Especially after work.
    Keith Ward has his family working in the store. It helps keep things running during a slam.
    Also, there is little chance of getting a bully-butt salesperson.

    His son, "Joe", is a wise azz, but in a good way.
    His wife, Maria, is an angel in every way!
    His daughter, Anjelica, knows her stuff.

    Answering the phone is not their strong point. I live with it and appreciate it when I'm in the store.

    Come in, snag a helper, state your wants, hold the attitude, and leave with a smile or more!
    This store and people are worth your patience!
    If you are a socially-impaired, I suggest shopping at slack times like 2 PM.
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