Northwest Firearms
  1. cmerrell75
    Hard to beat this shop
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 7, 2019
    • + Large inventory of new and used guns, optics, parts, etc.
    • + Best prices you are likely to find in Oregon
    • - Maybe not the best prices on ammo
    So i've been going to Keith's since their retail shop was across the street and I bought a Kimber custom classic from them. I went there because my father, who had an FFL, told me to because he couldn't get it any cheaper... Since then I have bought An AR-15 and several handguns from them, and I have never had a bad experience. I have seen others having bad experiences, but I have a feeling part of the blame was on them. I'm a pretty chill person, and I've gotten more patient as I have gotten older, so I'm not the type of person to escalate a situation. I also know what I want and know enough to not sound like a newb. When I go to Keith's I generally am already decided and i'm just going there because I know they will have it and it will be the best price in town.

    My most recent visit I actually hadn't decided yet but I figured they could help. I was looking at either the Springfield XD(M) OSP or the FN 509 tactical. Up to that point I was not able to find either gun to look at. The Springfield was pretty new and no one had any 509's, I guess they are popular. I was kind of leaning toward the Springfield honestly because I already own an XD(M) .40 and I really like it, plus the color of the FN... I showed up at Keith's, wandered about for a bit, and then explained what I was looking for. The salesman said they didn't have the 509 and he recommended the Springfield anyway because I would need to spend some cash on the FN trigger right away. I was like twist my arm, OK i'll take the springfield. He didn't think they had the OSP with 2 barrels and optic but then he appeared with the case and it had 2 barrels! The only thing it was missing was the vortex optic, but guess what, they had that as well in their well stocked optic display! I looked at other optics but honestly couldn't justify twice the price for Leupold or Trijicon. Anyway, all said and done, I walked out with everything I wanted and it was cheaper than what I was quoted by other local shops. The salesman was super cool, I asked his name (which I have since forgotten, Kurt maybe?), shook his hand, and thanked him for helping me.