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The location is convenient, the store is always clean and well-stocked, and the employees are friendly and helpful. I've done at quite a few transfers with these guys (both selling and receiving) and they've never let me down.
They have a location in Vancouver for Washington residents. I really appreciate this. Everyone I've met there have been really down to earth and helpful. I've bought three guns from them, and they were always really easy to deal with.
  • Nice Friendly staff
  • Nothing
I recently ordered a New Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle from J&B. When I first walked in to check them out I was sure they were going to try and talk me out of the Mini-14 and into an AR as they had AR's in the Plenty on the walls. This was not the case. They showed me a Mini-14 they had in stock but I decided to I would rather order a new one with the ATI Stock I wanted on it already. This was no issue to them. They took my order and a week later I had my rifle. They were very helpful and I will be back for sure.