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New Firearms, NFA / Class 3
Firearm Transfers, Custom Gun Builds
Looking to build your own Custom AR-15? Then this is the place for you. As I build my inventory I’ll have a wide selection of parts to choose from so that you can build your own AR exactly the way you want it! I’ll be here to assist in selection, along with answering any questions you might have about the building process. Or if you’d prefer, I can build it for you.

I also have complete rifles for sale. Check out the guns above, to see what’s available, or just come in during store hours or call and make an appointment. If there’s a certain rifle/handgun/shotgun you’d like, ask me for a price quote. I’ll match or beat anything else around. I’m also a dealer in NFA items, such as suppressors, short barreled rifles, and short barreled shotguns.

  • NFA transfers for $35
  • Normal firearms transfer for $15

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