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  • Very good, friendly staff. Prices are average, but they do run sales now and again that make it more affordable. Convenient to my home.
  • Limited inventory.
I have purchased both guns and ammo at the Tigard Fishermans.
The staff is very friendly and remember me even though I have not been there much. Then again, maybe they don't go many single women coming in, lol.
The staff is knowledgable and very helpful. Customer service is top notch.
  • the staff all are avid sportsmen, great selection for a locally owned store.
  • not as much selection as some of the big out of state stores like cabellas
A great store with good prices and friendly knowledgeable people to help you. a great shopping experience. mostly I have dealt with the guys in the hinting department all of them are avid shooters with real world experience, not just internet experts. And are some of the nicest people, I watched one of them give a set of scope mounts, the he had ordered for himself, to a customer. Your not likely to find sales people in other stores that would do something like that.