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Reviews summary

Overall rating
2.33 star(s) 3 ratings
  • Knowledge on what I was looking for, Had stock and a fair price. Had 22 , 9mm and 223 ammo I wanted in the qtys.
  • So busy not enough help for other customer but waiting is time for looking.
Guys were very helpful on ammo for shooting and talking about different target configurations and portability for going out to the woods to shoot. Had many suggestions on balancing ammo performance with cost. I will be going there often, Great experience.
  • Seems like they have a lot of inventory, occasionally good price on an AR rifle
  • Rude condescending staff, will try to sell you things that you do not need.
One of the gun counter guys at the Beaverton store off 217 proceeded to hit on my wife before trying to sell her a crappy holster for her Glock 26 that it would not fit into in a million years. They are constantly out of 9mm ammo and I haven't seen .22 in there for over a year.
  • Rude, Demeaning, Prices Are Not Low, Think being local means they can treat customers however they want.
I think I can say my experience at the gun counter with these guys was not all that different than my experience at the Canadian border crossing with the Canadian border guards. In fact, I thought the border guards were more polite than these guys behind the gun counter.

Anyway, I will never give this store another penny of my money. They seem to think you should respect them for being so honorable as to sell you guns, as if they are doing you a favor. Guess what? I can buy almost everything online and just because they are local doesn't mean I have to put up with their insults and arrogant, macho attitudes.

I have spent thousands at this store and they could give a crap less. They treat even long term good customers like garbage and care more about fulfilling their egos than being respectful to a good cutomer. If they ever go out of business I am sure they will blame the customers for being bad rather than them treating their customers bad.