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Reviews summary

Overall rating
3.75 star(s) 8 ratings
  • High transfer cost
  • Very poor customer service
Typical retail setting. The few times I have been in here in the past, the gun counter people would rather spend time talking with each other than help customers. I did one transfer here at the request of the buyer, 50+ in fees and had to, quite literally, walk outside to do the money part of the deal. As a result I haven't stepped back in the store again for anything gun related.
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It is interesting, reviews can be at opposite polarities. One lazy employee or manager can jade a review. Many lazy employees or mangers that don't care, and the reviews are indelible.

I still gave them 3-stars, as they are no worse than Fred Meyer, Bimart, or Cabela's.


  • + location relative to my home.
  • - Customer service, selection, price.
When I have to interrupt the gun counter guys to get help, and when I cannot see their ammo selection that is too far out of sight of the customer, when they are so over priced, when they hide the price tags on any gun I'm interested in, or when I try to special order a gun only to get a reply 6-weeks later that they've dropped the ball, then I have zero allegiance to such a place. When I'm in the neighborhood, I still stop in, but seldom find the things I need. I provide my own customer service.
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  • Selection, Customer service, Prices
  • There are only 3 locations
The guys behind the counter are always helpful and love to engage with the customers. The prices are good and there is a good selection of sporting and CC firearms. Ammo is priced competively and their sales should be watched.
They even stock some highly desirable hard to find items, which is awesome.

Their fishing section is an added bonus.
One stop shopping for all of your fishing, shooting and boating needs!
Fee for a private sale/transfer is $45 (includes BGC). You can get the same thing for $20-$25 at other FFL's. They also do extra forms that no other FFL I've used has with their transfers, which takes additional time to complete the sale/transfer. They were nice enough, but the extra cost and extra forms/time just make it not worth it for me to use them for a private sale/transfer.
Did a private sale transfer there this week at the request of my buyer. Cost for the transfer/BGC is $45 (buyer paid).

I had heard they have additional paperwork that other FFL's don't, and that is true. In addition to the 4473, they have their own in-house forms they filled out, which took more time than transfers I've done at other FFL's. They were friendly, but seemed to struggle getting the forms filled out (referring back to the instructions several times). Thankfully they weren't busy at the time, if they had been, it would have taken even longer.

Overall, while they were friendly, I wouldn't use them again. I see no reason to pay more than $20-$25 since I can get that at several other FFL's, and I can do it without the extra time-consuming paperwork.
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  • The guys there are honest, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Decent prices and selection
  • None
They have a large selection of just about everything. Prices are competitive, and I was in talking to one of the associates about 22ammo that I worked odd hours and couldn't get there when they opened. He said if they have the ammo in I wanted, and I called the day they had it, he would put a box aside for me that day to pick up after I was free.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Easy buying process Decent prices
I went here to buy my first rifle. I knew what I was looking for (an AR-7) and the salesman was really helpful and easy to deal with. Browsed a few other guns and got all the information that I needed. Forms were explained well, background check was quick, and I walked out happy.
I like this store, the service is great but it can be a miss with a few duds working there. They have a fair selection there. No 22 ammo whenever I check but over all I like the service.