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I'm not very good at writing reviews so I'll just say that the prices are very good. I dealt with Eric and his customer service was far superior to most of the gun shops/stores that I've been in, I would not hesitate to make my next purchase there.
Just picked up an Aero lower from these guys at a very low price. I'm in Gresham so it's not too far but was a little difficult to find the first time. Will be easy next time around. While I was there, I spotted an Armaspec buffer in the case that I have been wanting to try out for quite awhile. Unfortunately, when he went to sell it to me, we noticed it was for a .308 and not 5.56. It turned out that they had a .300blk build they were planning on putting in a raffle that had the same buffer I was looking for. He actually took the buffer out of that build and sold it to me. I felt guilty, but that's definitely the kind of customer service you don't see often these days. Very impressed by these guys and will be buying more in the future. By the way, I paid cash. As someone who runs a business, I can say...every % counts.
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These guys are still in business and HIGHLY recommend calling them for your needs.
Great price on Transfers!!
They now have an online shopping menu also that is very friendly...
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I also stumbled on Eric's Armory at the LAST Wes Knodel's show at the Expo. At that time they had bricks of CCI large pistol primers at the regular old price. I was questioning, most likely Jesse, about using LP magnum primers in my 629 as I was having some issues with unburnt powder. After discussion, and me buying a brick of LP primers, he GAVE me a single 100 pack of LP magnum primers to try......

I was impressed. If these guys were nearer me I'd spend bucks there for sure. Considering the crazy prices I saw at the last show! The very fer bottles of handgun powder I saw, old bottles that looked like they'd been in a basement somewhere, for $45.00!