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  • Pricing
  • Dealing with the purveyor directly
  • Limited stock due to small shop
I have topped by Ed’s probably 4-5 times over the years. Low purchase ratio but I will say the last two times I’ve been in there it has been for some reasonable purchases.

His little shop area has a good amount of stuff for the space but if you say what you are looking for chances are it’s around the corner.

I was working on building a lightweight and cheap AR for .22LR, upon mentioning that I didn’t need anything fancy he comes around the corner with an American Tactical Hybrid upper (bought the matching lower on next trip in). I think it was like $25 and I added a dust cover and forward assist to complete the upper for $14. :D

Has some really inexpensive stuff in there if you want to build or accessorize.

I’ll be sure to hit up his place first.

Tuesday-Saturday 1pm-6pm
Other hours by appointment only
I have done transfers there $25 total price and bought at least one gun from Ed. Ed has a gun shop because he likes guns, just like the rest of us.
Recently did a gun transfer there and came away thinking he was very professional and a very nice guy to do business with.
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Ed is the man. Great guy who has class, loves guns, and has good business sense.
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