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Reviews summary

Overall rating
4.60 star(s) 5 ratings
I don't use the facilities much due to the distance from my house, but I do go twice a month and shoot with their ladies group. It's a great facility and all the people I have met there have been nice. I usually use only the indoor and outdoor pistol areas but the shotgun area and rifle areas look pretty impressive.
Spent the day at DRRC.

First I was at the Blackpowder Range shooting my new 1841 Wesson and Prescott reproduction using real black powder poured out of an old (not a reproduction) 1826 powder horn lent to me by one of the guys. Blackpowder is fun! I hit the steel silhouette targets with fair consistancy except for that danged moving buffalo on the rope pulley. I'll get you next time Mr. Buff!

Then I went over to the trap house and shot a round of trap.
No picture...just me learning to say "pull!" with conviction.

Then I went to the indoor pistol range and shot about 200 rounds of .45acp and .38 special for Bullseye practice.

All in all a good day at Douglas Ridge.
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club vies with Tri-Counties as one of the two top ranges in northwest Oregon. There is always something going on there and if you want to shoot out to 1000 yards this is the place to go. Lots of Service Rifle, USPSA, 3-gun matches..and the trap range is up and running again.
I recently spent a fantastic weekend here attending a Project Appleseed rifleman's course. Though my time was limited, what I saw of the facilities was impressive, and every staff member I met was friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to going back soon.
  • excellent and friendly people. great range host. not overcrowded. lots of different ranges to shoot at
  • long range is only on thursdays
great value