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  • Lots of space for long range shooting
  • Road in is in great shape
  • Trash
  • Glass
  • After the Weyerhaeuser gate
Went out the other day. A lot of logging activity before the Weyerhaeuser gate and no shooting signs near the quarry and the Abiqua pit. The “airstrip” was in great shape and had a great day of shooting. Tons of shotgun shells and glass left by previous shooters but overall not too bad.
  • beautiful
  • garbage
1. Gate is still locked.

2. A few spots still remain, trash is everywhere ranging from clays, shot gun shells, etc. interested in organizing a clean up.

3. Appears to be a two vehicles parked long term behind some trees off the main dirt road. Be cautious.

4. Last but not least, while shooting at the first quarry, I had gathered everything I brought down and headed back to my truck. In my path stood three individuals with beers and backpacks. Given, this was a quite Tuesday evening with hardly any traffic on the way into Crooked Fingers. These individuals spoke amongst them selves with out a wave or acknowledgment. In my honest opinion its nice to smile or at least a nod or wave when out and about and even more so at public out door shooting areas. While loading my gear into my truck, one individual left the group and proceed to walk to his green corolla and look for something in his car while his friends looked back over and stared. Not looking for a confrontation or anything negative to happen, I got in my truck and left the area. Now nothing at all may have came of this situation but trusting the gut instinct to leave was the right notion in my opinion.

With all that being said I think it is still nice to give a nod or wave, we are all human and obviously out in these parts of land to enjoy them and have a good time.