1. JL30867
    Has anyone gone up to crooked finger recently? Looking to take a few guns up and teach my son. The last post here was in January. Is it open or closed?
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    1. Aispuro
      I don’t think it’s ever closed I was just there’s last weekend . Potholes are fixed to
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    2. Soren
      I'm going to head out there this morning.
  2. T22
    Anyone know if the “long range” is still accessible and usable or is it part that is blocked off? (The 200 yard range right at the coordinates listed above)
  3. Ed Crabb
    Within the last week Warehouser Company has installed a full width pipe gate that blocks access to The road beyond the cattle crossing which is just past Camp Dakota. There is no access to either of the two old logging Yarder spots that have been used for years as target practice "Ranges" and I use the term "Range" lightly as people have not been cleaning up, for sometime, pop and beer cans blown to sharp bits all over clay pidgins broken and landing every place, well over 1000lbs of shell casings everything from 22 to 308, it has just been turned into a dump, and is or was quite dangerus to take young people up to teach fireams safety and use. About a Day before the gate went up, about half of my Town Scotts Mills went up with trash bags, buckets rakes shovels and hauled off several pickup loads of just garbadge, closes, diapers, cans food, pop and beer cans car parts, you name it we hauled if off. Then the logging company came in and put a huge gate across the road with no public notice to us or any one else

    With the ODFW posting absolutely no burning of camp fires in the area, I wonder how the company will feel if a lighting strike hits and the Fire crew has to cut the gate down just to get up the damn mountain to save it and us just below.

    I understand installing a gate if number one the company has the legal right to do without public opinion, but if it is BLM or Public land.. well remember Malheur County Oregon and the Bundys?
  4. Spot
    I've never been there but have been trying to get out that way. Does anyone know if the new Weyerhaeuser gate is before or after the places to shoot?[​IMG]
    1. Aispuro
      They pretty much gated the best spots but yes there is a few more spots befor the gate you’ll see them .
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