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Overall rating
4.50 star(s) 8 ratings
If you like a good mom and pop, country store, County Line only lacks the cracker barrel and chairs to be damn near perfect. They try and for the most part succeed in having what most of what I want on the shelf, prices are fair and everyone there from Frank and Doug down will go a long way out of the way to help you.
I have dealt with County Line in the past, would still be shopping there if I lived in the area. They always had the powders and cases I needed for my reloading needs. Always had a gun in stock new or used that I wanted to put my fingerprints on. The staff there were always friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to any one living in the Yelm/Spanaway area.
County Line is the only gunshop I will take my business to. I've been there three times this week! They are great to deal with, and have the best prices! Thanks Joe for installing my sights today.
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These guys are great. A true mom and pop gun shop, the kind you want to do business with. No gouging since the big scare. Great deals on good product. Their inventory on popular guns is low right now, but that's because they are selling items at the best prices! Unlike another shop I checked out that had tons of inventory because it was marked way up.
I've had a few dealings with this shop an I got nothing bad to say about them. I would recommend this shop to anyone that wants to be treated square and see reasonable prices.
Have dealt with them on a gun purchase & previously on transfers. Always helpful and customer oriented.
yea I have to say Doug has been a pleasure to deal with the half dozen times I've been in there... and I will shop there some more...
very good place to do buisness with doug and frank are very good people to deal with happy to order or get anything you want cheapest place to get a ffl transfer shelfs are full of reasonable priced ammo and powder. they have a good selection of firearms at good prices. i needed a few things he didnt have in stock and they had them at another gun shop in town he went out of his way to pick them up for me and sold them to me for the same price he paid no charge for pickup/delivery. i will only do buisness with them now as they treat me well and are always up for a good bs session and they dont treat you like you are stupid like most all the gun shops in this area.