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Reviews summary

Overall rating
4.44 star(s) 18 ratings
  • Excellent service from friendly people. Great prices. Good selection.
My girlfriend and I have bought several firearms from them and have always received excellent treatment. Can't say enough good about them.
Bought some BX-25 from them last year before the big panic. Great service, nice guys. I have sent more than a few people to them for their gun buying needs.
The only place I purchase firearms from other than here. Great staff, with great service. Highly recommended.
I've made a few purchases from them over the last couple years and each time I've visited the place it has gotten cleaner, better lit and had an all-around better selection. If you're in the area do yourself a favor and drop in to find out what they've got.
back when i bought my mossberg 500 i was looking for a specific model and i visited mainy shops anyways though ive never bought a gun from them they have a fair collection for the size of their store and the guy i talked with was real friendly heres where it really gets funny though a couple months later i went to a local gun show and he was there at the time i didnt recognize him but he recognized me and even what i was looking at in the store that to me would make me go back and browse their selection the next time im in the market how many gun shops employees care enough about all their customers to remember a guy who at the time just came in to look?
I have been in this store twice and both times walked out with a new gun. I have been stopping in to several of the other local shops and these guys simply can not be beat. They have great prices, they are friendly, and most of all informed. I really appreciate someone that knows their product and has great customer service. I was a little apprehensive at first because it used to be a pawn shop and was afraid it would just be some slick con artist with shady merchandise but these guys are top notch and their inventory and prices are fantastic. I recommend stopping in if you are in the area. This shop really is a cut above the rest.
I've bought two glocks from them. They have excellent service, competitive prices and are willing to answer any questions. They're my favorite friendly neighborhood gun store.
Just picked up the firearm that I ordered through them today. Very competitively priced and excellent service.
Nice little pawn-turned-gun shop that has a decent selection of uncommon guns. All the employees are a pleasure to deal with (very rare to find... usually there's one or two bad eggs, but not here!) They are also excellent salesmen... at one point I was even talked into purchasing a rail-mounted VFG before I even had a gun to mount it on! As this store operated as a pawn shop prior, you can occasionally find some AMAZING deals here. The best of which I found was finding a $200 LMT SOPMOD stock for AR-15 in new condition at HALF the new price! I have not purchased any firearms here yet, but have been checking out some Marlin 60's they've had for a while, and will most likely be picking at least one of them up!

I gave them a 4/5, but in retrospect I really wish I could change it to a 5/5... it's hard for me to give anyone a perfect score but they deserve it!
Jenny and I had an excellent experience when she fell in love with a PS90 Brian had on consignment on his table at this last show. The lady who ran our paperwork was very nice as well.
Purchased a Bodyguard .380

Best deal and service in the valley!!
Bought two pistols (Taurus Judge & .357) at the show this past weekend. They were friendly and helpful. Their prices were less than any other table at the show for what we were looking for. They gave us a package deal on the two dropping the price further and absorbing the background check fee. Definitely will do business with them again!
Went in to pick up my new Benchmade Infidel and ended walking out with another Kimber and another great experience in the shop. Great guys to deal with and dont mind BS'n a little about guns, very nice time had. I think I may have to take the Kimber back in for a visit though they were sad to see it go as they were all wanting it too......
I've only dealt with this company through the gun shows, but every time its been pleasant buying from them. They really go above and beyond for costumer service and product knowledge.
I'm looking forward to the next gun show or next time I go to Corvallis.
great selection, great customer service!!! they are the only shop i have bought guns from!! and im takin the girlfriend their to buy her first gun in january!!!
gave them excellent! gave me a fair price in trade for my rifle and got what I wanted. While I waited I asked about a sig 229 nobody else seemed able to find. 5 minutes later he had found what I wanted, and I ordered it right then. a little customer service goes a long way. thanks guys!!
Bought an XD9 from them last year. Been in there probably 3 or 4 times just browsing around. Always very helpful, quick to ask if you have any questions, and are always quick to let me handle the firearms I am interested in. A+ rating I say.
Just got a LCR from them. Great people to deal with!