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Reviews summary

Overall rating
5.00 star(s) 29 ratings
I have used this guy's services several times in the last year alone and he is hands down on the top of the list for dependability, workmanship, cost and service. Have been in this area for decades and have run a number of jobs through other well established smith's, but have always ended up with a sour experience for one reason or another.... Not here.

Word has gotten out about Tim and you will occasionally find him quite busy. When that does happen he is still worth the wait.
This guy is great. I wish he wasn't so far away but I assure you it was worth the drive. Tim put a brake on my rifle (Rem700SPS) and it looks great, works better than I thought and is timed perfectly with NO crush washer.
Tim is an excellent gunsmith and a straight shooter when it comes to business. I live in Portland and would not think about taking my guns anywhere else.
Tim is a great gunsmith. He has worked on my Ruger 22/45 and it is flawless. He has provided advice on other guns and projects and has provided solid information everytime I have asked for it.

I have several projects lined up for him when he has the time and I very much look forward to working with him for many many years to come.
Tim is a great guy and awesome Gun Smith. Good communication, great prices and fast turnarounds. Well worth the drive. I have given his business cards to all my family and friends.
Sent in my GP-100 for an action job, it came back with a smooth and light trigger, which greatly enhanced my accuracy.
Excellent work, fast turnaround time (about 2 weeks), and after spending a little time on the phone with Tim, the owner, I've come to the conclusion that he is a very knowledgeable and friendly guy.
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Tim has answered so many questions for me before I've bought a new to me gun and has saved me a ton of money.

Personal friends have used his gunsmithing and coteing services and all of them won't go anywhere else now!

Will be my go to gunsmith until he retires:D

Two big thumbs up and easily deserves a 5 star rating!!!
Gun: 1943 1911 my Grandfather carried in the WWII Pacific, last on Okinawa.
Situation: Moderate internal corrosion and missing firing pin (first 4 pics).

Recently, I made a post on these forums asking for advice on how to clean up and preserve my WWII-era 1911, which was carried in the Pacific Theatre by my grandfather with the 1st Marine Division. It had been sitting in a file cabinet for 60 years, not having been used since the mid-1950's when my grandfather was still a reservist. Needless to say, this weapon has immense value to me, and I wasn't going to just let anybody even handle it.

Soon after posting, Tim (NWFA name: Velzey) contacted me with some suggestions, and we talked for awhile about what I valued, what I cared about, my concerns, and his proposals of how to address these things. Really, this didn't take very long, as he seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and how to safely preserve both the gun's structural integrity, as well as its historical and personal value. He gave me an estimate, which I found to be more than fair, and decided to take a drive to his shop.

At the time that I drove out to Estacada to deliver it for the work, the gun had a moderate amount of rust in the bore, chamber, and inside of the slide. It was also missing a firing pin, and a piece where the hammer strikes (pictures attached).

Upon meeting Tim in person, I found him to be very friendly, polite, professional, and knowledgeable on an array of firearm-related topics. If he doesn't know something, I feel confident saying that he would know someone else who does.

Though Tim's shop is a bit out of the way, I was very impressed by his setup, which showed good evidence of consistent, long-term work and projects, along with many interesting displays. Of course, we would all fear running into the dreaded "kitchen table gunsmith," so I was thrilled to find his shop to be so fitting for the gunsmith trade.

While I was waiting for the work to be completed, Tim was very responsive to text message check-ins periodically, and would update me with his findings on my weapon, which for me, was all good news. He was very flexible with his availability for pickup, so I went out there after work to see how it turned out. Basically, I couldn't be happier. As you can see from the final 3 pictures, it looks absolutely great! All of the rust inside the bore/chamber/slide is completely gone, as he took the time to let it soak, and do the job right. He installed WWII-era Colt parts to replace what was missing from the start, and swapped-out the internal springs to allow it to be safely usable today. As with the nature of period-correct items, Tim was considerate to give me the original parts in a separate bag, so that I can still have the complete originals that complete its historical value.

As with anything that we consider "priceless," I would have been willing to spend many times more than the price of this work just to have it done right, so I am extremely lucky and pleased to have found someone who could perform this work at such a high level of quality and detail, at such an affordable price.

Even today, over 60 years since it was last used, and over 70 years since it last saw combat on Okinawa, it functions flawlessly. This is something that I will always have and cherish, and am glad that Tim at Copeland Custom Gunworks could help make my dream of familial, historical preservation, a reality.

I will be sure to return!


I'm a novice- I collect cool guns, and I have a basic understanding of the processes behind them.But anytime I have a question, I either ask Tim, or read something he has written.
I've dealt with him a couple of times first hand, and had great experiences- and I've read nothing but the same from many other satisfied customers!
I have several more projects waiting to take to him.

He's humble,friendly, easy going, VERY knowledgable,and best of all, he isn't condescending in any way. I say from experience, that if you have a stupid question for Tim,you will get an intelligent answer in return.He can and will tackle any project you can think up.

Prices are excellent,service is excellent,turnaround is excellent.
I have absolutely nothing but good to say about Copeland Custom Gunworks.
Try them out!