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Tim is fantastic! He does great work and does it in a timely manner! He reblued a Colt slide for me and it is 100X better than the original finish!
I've known Tim fer 3 decades+,
and all I have ever seen is Top Shelf work on all aspects.

He is Fair, Honest, communicates well, and as mentioned Top Quality Knowledge and Workmanship.

Methinks I still owe him a Mega Burger...
I recently sent in a project gun to Mr. Copeland to slick up an action and thread the barrel. His work is absolutely top-notch, turn around time was great, pricing was competitive, and the communication couldn't have been better. The next time I have some gunsmithing work to be done, I know who I will be contacting. :)


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tim cut and installed red front sights in 3 of my smith and wesson N frame 357's. fast turn around time and nice price!
  • very friendly very knowledgeable good prices
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I had Tim put in a powder river trigger and Install Dawson front and rear fiber optics sights on my Springfield XDM 40 5.25 I think he did a great job did it in a timely manner and to me a good price. Definitely going to have him do my XD mod 2 in 9mm trigger and I’m going to have him work on my bolt spring on my .308. I highly recommend him for any of your gun repairs or mods. He is so easy to work with great personality very friendly. Thanks Tim look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Oh and don’t let it discourage you that he lives out in Estacada he comes out on the west side fairly routinely and will meet up with you to do business man can’t ask for more now.
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I was out shooting last Thursday and something seemed clearly wrong with my new Model 70 Super Grade. Accuracy was way down and I figured I had somehow damaged the rifle. So when I got home, I contacted Tim to see if he could take a look at it right away. He said to bring it over Friday and he'd get right on it. Tim went through it with a fine tooth comb over the weekend, cleaned it thoroughly, and even braved the snow and cold on Sunday to thoroughly test it out. Thank goodness everything checked out fine. He cleaned the rifle yet again and let me know I could pick it up anytime. I was able to get out on Tuesday afternoon and he was kind enough to take the time to explain proper cleaning techniques for a bolt action rifle (this is my first bolt gun).
In summary, I am simply amazed at the level of care and concern Tim has for his customers. He pulled out all the stops to fit me in on a moments notice and was able to put my mind at ease in short order. He is not only an exceptional gunsmith - he is a very kind, understanding and helpful human being as well. I simply cannot put into words how grateful I am to Tim. He is truly the best!
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Tim and I have many guns go back for forth over the years for work that we specifically do that the other does not. He does fantastic work and if we cannot do a specific job then I always recommend him to my customer. I have never had an issue with timing or quality as I understand, quality takes time!:)
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The wife and I decided to purchase a new Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in 7mm-08 and a Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30x50 scope. After getting good advice from members here on NWF, we decided to go with Leopold Dual Dovetail rings with the non-adjustable two-piece DD mount. We decided to have the new factory rifle professionally evaluated by a top quality gunsmith for accuracy potential, and have him/her mount the new scope to the rifle. After looking at reviews and making initial inquiries through this site, we decided to have Copeland Custom Gunworks do the work.
Tim carefully evaluated the rifle out of the box and confirmed it was of excellent manufacturing quality with superb accuracy potential. Although the factory trigger broke cleanly, Tim was not able to get the pull weight down below 2.5 lbs - even with an aftermarket spring - and so we decided to replace the factory trigger with a Timney trigger. Tim reduced the stiffness of the new three-position safety, installed the new Timney trigger, mounted the Zeiss scope to the rifle, and sighted everything in at the range with six different choices of factory ammunition. This is the result of his efforts:
IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0003.jpg 470535-260bd50f0d2d4ba95b14302a13f075b4.jpg
Note that the last photo shows a four shot group from 100 yards with a point-of-aim at 06:00 on the black dot!
There is nothing more to say. After looking at the precise quality of his work, his attention to detail and his level of care for your expensive equipment - in addition to his knowledge, kindness and genuine concern for his customer's needs - we can confidently say that Tim is one of the very best gunsmiths in the Pacific Northwest! We would not hesitate to have him work on firearms and equipment costing many, many thousands of dollars. We highly recommend him!
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Tim took in my barrel that was botched up by a "friend"& "local gunsmith", and made it perfect again. Price and turn around time was amazing. I will never call anyone else again, and recommend that you dont hesitate to utilize his services. Thanks again Tim!! Guy
  • Very reasonable pricing
Anyone familiar with these open-tops has undoubtedly experienced the associated headaches. Tim made mine headache-free. This thing is smooooth. Barrel is straight, and doesn't wobble. The cylinder spacing from the forcing cone is right, and the cylinder hand timing is finally spot-on. Trigger is crisp and hammer is slick.

Thanks Tim!!
Tim did it for me once again... blended two Bisley frames and parts into a Blackhawk and a Single Six, results stunning. Also helped me thread my P938-22 conversion into a perfect host.
Great prices and outstanding work. If Tim would like to add images, I only request he markup the serial numbers obscured. A+++
I had an old S&W 19-6 that was handed down from for father that passed away and needed it checked out as it sat for many years after he passed before I ended up with it. Welcomed me into his awesome shop and gave it the TLC it needed and gave me some details about the gun I didn't know. I would certainly go back and suggest him to others. :)
  • Great prices
  • Great work
  • Great timelines
I have had multiple projects headed up by our local friendly gunsmith Velzey.

His work is good.

His prices are good.

His timelines are good.

He is kind and courteous and makes the experience good.

I have not had something for him he has not been able to do. I'm amazed by his knowledge and skill.
I've been having Tim work on my backlog of broken guns and odd projects for the last couple years and have been nothing short of stunned and impressed.

One thing I really appreciate about Tim is that he follows his customers lead, offers advice and accepts projects others may just roll their eyes at. He treats every firearm as if its his own or a family members.

I've had some repair and custom work done on my Marlin 1895. He did some cerecoat to match the scope rail as closely as possible to the stainless and it game out perfect, better then I'd have expected was possible after another cerecoat experience I had elsewhere.

Overall I wouldn't hesitate to take anything I own to him for work or advice. Tim and his wife are wonderful people and handle everything very professionally.
I've known Tim for a number of years and have found him to be the most unflinchingly honest smith I can think of. He will tell you like it is. Beware, if you're in love with a POS you may have your heart broken. I've shipped through him and he's never let anything but absolute quality through the door. He's worked on several of my firearms with great results. He is worth every penny.
I have used this guy's services several times in the last year alone and he is hands down on the top of the list for dependability, workmanship, cost and service. Have been in this area for decades and have run a number of jobs through other well established smith's, but have always ended up with a sour experience for one reason or another.... Not here.

Word has gotten out about Tim and you will occasionally find him quite busy. When that does happen he is still worth the wait.
This guy is great. I wish he wasn't so far away but I assure you it was worth the drive. Tim put a brake on my rifle (Rem700SPS) and it looks great, works better than I thought and is timed perfectly with NO crush washer.
Tim is an excellent gunsmith and a straight shooter when it comes to business. I live in Portland and would not think about taking my guns anywhere else.
Tim is a great gunsmith. He has worked on my Ruger 22/45 and it is flawless. He has provided advice on other guns and projects and has provided solid information everytime I have asked for it.

I have several projects lined up for him when he has the time and I very much look forward to working with him for many many years to come.
Tim is a great guy and awesome Gun Smith. Good communication, great prices and fast turnarounds. Well worth the drive. I have given his business cards to all my family and friends.
Sent in my GP-100 for an action job, it came back with a smooth and light trigger, which greatly enhanced my accuracy.
Excellent work, fast turnaround time (about 2 weeks), and after spending a little time on the phone with Tim, the owner, I've come to the conclusion that he is a very knowledgeable and friendly guy.