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  1. capdek
    Copeland Custom Gunworks is amazing!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 27, 2019
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    I was out shooting last Thursday and something seemed clearly wrong with my new Model 70 Super Grade. Accuracy was way down and I figured I had somehow damaged the rifle. So when I got home, I contacted Tim to see if he could take a look at it right away. He said to bring it over Friday and he'd get right on it. Tim went through it with a fine tooth comb over the weekend, cleaned it thoroughly, and even braved the snow and cold on Sunday to thoroughly test it out. Thank goodness everything checked out fine. He cleaned the rifle yet again and let me know I could pick it up anytime. I was able to get out on Tuesday afternoon and he was kind enough to take the time to explain proper cleaning techniques for a bolt action rifle (this is my first bolt gun).
    In summary, I am simply amazed at the level of care and concern Tim has for his customers. He pulled out all the stops to fit me in on a moments notice and was able to put my mind at ease in short order. He is not only an exceptional gunsmith - he is a very kind, understanding and helpful human being as well. I simply cannot put into words how grateful I am to Tim. He is truly the best!