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    New rifle evaluation, trigger replacement and scope mounting...
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    The wife and I decided to purchase a new Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in 7mm-08 and a Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30x50 scope. After getting good advice from members here on NWF, we decided to go with Leopold Dual Dovetail rings with the non-adjustable two-piece DD mount. We decided to have the new factory rifle professionally evaluated by a top quality gunsmith for accuracy potential, and have him/her mount the new scope to the rifle. After looking at reviews and making initial inquiries through this site, we decided to have Copeland Custom Gunworks do the work.
    Tim carefully evaluated the rifle out of the box and confirmed it was of excellent manufacturing quality with superb accuracy potential. Although the factory trigger broke cleanly, Tim was not able to get the pull weight down below 2.5 lbs - even with an aftermarket spring - and so we decided to replace the factory trigger with a Timney trigger. Tim reduced the stiffness of the new three-position safety, installed the new Timney trigger, mounted the Zeiss scope to the rifle, and sighted everything in at the range with six different choices of factory ammunition. This is the result of his efforts:
    IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0003.jpg 470535-260bd50f0d2d4ba95b14302a13f075b4.jpg
    Note that the last photo shows a four shot group from 100 yards with a point-of-aim at 06:00 on the black dot!
    There is nothing more to say. After looking at the precise quality of his work, his attention to detail and his level of care for your expensive equipment - in addition to his knowledge, kindness and genuine concern for his customer's needs - we can confidently say that Tim is one of the very best gunsmiths in the Pacific Northwest! We would not hesitate to have him work on firearms and equipment costing many, many thousands of dollars. We highly recommend him!
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