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Has anyone used their cerakoting services?

I dropped my rifle off for cerakote on January 19th and I still haven't gotten it back. Multiple calls to the shop says the rifle is "at cerakote" and "will be sprayed soon."

I like supporting small business and I was quoted a fair price for the works but 4 months seems like an awfully long time. Its been disappointing to see other friends drop their projects off for cerakote at different shops and get them back in a week. I do understand its a smaller shop and I am a patient man (haha.. its been 4 months and I'm just now getting annoyed), but I also want my rifle back before half a year passes.

Anyone else had this experience?
One member found this helpful.
Yes, but it is well worth the wait extra patient.....its worth it in the long run.
Did you get your gun back yet?