Northwest Firearms
Reviews Summary
  1. Flymph
    Safe and Secure
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 10, 2018
    • + Safe and welcoming, Rentals of popular firearms
    • - Buy their expensive ammo
    You know you will always have a safe time shooting at this police training center. Offering classes and a well kept range.
    You have to shoot their ammo, which is expensive.
    Good selection of modern firearms for rent.
  2. MarkoNW
    Favorite place to shoot handguns
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 27, 2017
    Have to use their ammo, it is a strict policy, if you plan to challenge it then go elsewhere. You must bring your own firearm as there was a suicide by rental years ago. They still have a wide selection of rentals available.

    Once you sit through the mandatory safety video you are pretty much left alone, (but a large group of young men inclined to hold the gun sideways in one hand, extended, drew the FSOs focused attention immediately, so they are paying attention).

    As mentioned previously by another reviewer, it has a heavy public pool vibe which I think should be universal in every neighborhood. It is run by the local sheriff so is used regularly by cops for training.

    Worth the drive!
  3. Cosimel
    Safe and Comfortable
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 26, 2017
    I'm just getting back into sport shooting with an emphasis on personal defense which includes obtaining a CHL. I bought my first handgun in November of 2016 and began looking for a place to shoot it. I did extensive research on local options, including 'A Place To Shoot' in Delta Park where I'd shot several times back in the 90's. In the end, the only two places that meet the price/access test (least expense without having to be a member) was Threat Dynamics near Sherwood and the PSTC. I've shot at both shortly after my initial purchase and found, even though you have to buy their ammo, the PSTC had the best mix. I found Threat Dynamics to be a bit too trendy, like a slick fast food restaurant, and at almost twice the price (lane fee plus buying their target ammo) their actual lanes where small and crowded feeling and their 'house' ammo very, very dirty with several FTF rounds. If you really need to fire your own ammo (testing your carry ammo in your EDC weapon) or want to shoot a center fire rifle up to .308 in believe, then go to Threat Dynamics, but otherwise the PSTC is where you want to actually practice with your handguns. I love the atmosphere; kind of reminds me more of a local Parks and Recreation public pool than a 'range'. The staff, who work for the Clackamas Sheriffs Department, are awesome. Friendly, well informed; and most importantly, unrelentingly safety oriented. The ammo prices aren't too high, the lane fee for non-members is the lowest I've found, and while the range is older and well used, it's well light with plenty of elbow room. I also like that they have a series of windows that run most of the way along the back wall of the range to not only can friends, family, and other shooting enthusiasts watch all the fun, the range staff also has an excellent view and I take great comfort that they have my six and will put a stop to any dangerous behavior . . . even when it's mine. There are other, cheaper options at the expense of safety and other shooting needs that the PSTC can't address, but for all your handgun practice needs, it's great.