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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
  • Thorough and Detailed
  • Amazing Class!
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Armorer 1911 Course

This was a 2 day course devoted to the iconic 1911. You might own a 1911 but, I assure you, you don't know it until you've taken this course.

I am now able to completely tear down a 1911 to every minuscule part, check for signs of wear (and know where they'll show up), and learned exactly how each part acts in the machine and how those parts can be modified and cleaned up for optimal performance.

I know how to measure a 1911 to spec and can judge how one is built based on the measurements of each piece in relation to the other. Before, I bought a 1911 based on review after review online. Now, I know enough to make my own determinations. That alone is priceless knowledge.

Following the Armorer course is a taste of a Run-the-Gun course, and it's the first time my shooting has ever been up against a buzzer and a timer. It was incredibly useful for me to go through these exercises and to see where I had shortcomings; and I will end up doing that Run-the-Gun course as well.

Steve is a great instructor and I cannot, more highly, recommend this class!
  • Love
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  • Amazing class--well worth it!
Feedback from John Wells-Henderson, an avid shooter re: the 1-day Run the Gun Pistol class Cerberus held in Seattle:

The class was amazing. WELL WORTH IT! I learned a whole lot in a hurry. Grip, shooting both eyes open and how to be successful in YOUR gunfight.

We did failure drills, timed fire drills, reload drills and more than I can even recall at the moment. I have never had such professional training before and I can't stress enough how valuable that was.

A couple of things about combat shooting....Your front sight? It's not your focus. Reloading? Keep your eyes on the threat and bring your arms/Hands in.

21 Foot Rule? Yeah, bring that up to him. He has some feelings on that nonsense.

Drill, repeat....drill repeat.... drill repeat....and you WILL be better. No fancy gimmick bubblegum needed, he stresses that. Keep it simple, and repeat it.....a lot.

I'm still trying to soak it all in.

You will learn many things rather quickly, i have a blister on my strong hand thumb knuckle from a too high sweat guard on my kydex holster.
Yeah, the dremel is coming out on that thing, and it's not even my carry gun and holster. You may walk away rethinking your gear and possibly what you carry. I think more than a few did.

Thanks to Steve Shields, Katon, and Paul.
  • Practical, save-your-life training
  • Top-notch rifle training
Here was a review from John Wells-Henderson, an experienced rifle shooter from the 1-day Run the Gun Rifle course Cerberus put on up in Seattle:

Rifle class on Sunday was equally amazing. Steve, Paul, and Katon were once again on Point. This is no-nonsense training that will help you to react correctly under stress and Run your Gun when it matters most.

Reload drills...Admin, Tactical/Emergency and Speed. It's not as easy as you think. Failure drills? The double feed, that was a good one and I promptly failed that one when i had a double feed during the 5 second drills.

Steve teaches you how to stay in the Fight and keep your Focus on the threat under duress. Don't take your eyes off the threat or you lose the ground you own. Drop your eyes or lose your focus and you lose that ground and have to retake it.
The 5-second drill? That's a fun one.

On the Timer from a "Low ready" the first one is one shot inside the 6 ring in 5 seconds. Yeah, at 5 Yards that's easy...right? Amazing how many People popped that round in the first 1 or 2 seconds, myself included. Oh, don't forget holdover at that distance. Remember, if you want to center punch the "X" it's a couple of inches below your red dot.
(We zeroed at 50 Yards and you are good to 200....but you need to know the holdover under that distance)
Then it's 2 in five and so on up to 10 rounds in that 5 seconds. Even at 5 yards when you get to 5 or more it starts getting a whole lot tougher with a Red dot. (oh, and don't chase the dot like i did, he will teach you how to keep your focus)

You think 5 or more shots in the 6 ring from the "low ready" while also manipulating your safety in 5 seconds is easy? Try it sometime. Then try 10 in 5 seconds...Preferably with him, he will teach how to be successful in doing that.
Then you move back to 10 yards and do it again. During that, you are also performing all the Reload drills because you may run dry or know that you won't make the next string with whats left in your Mag while the Timer is running. (or have a double feed like me).

You think the distance we started at is unrealistic? As i recall the distance for the average Rifle engagement Steve and Paul mentioned was under 45 Yards. That 25 yard Zero and the Holdover Training was very valuable. You aren't "sniping" at that distance, you are engaging with your eyes as rapidly as you can.

You think Katon had any cadence on the Timer after the 5 seconds expired before the next Beep? Hell no, that's where more duress comes in. Then move back again and repeat.

During all this, Steve and Paul are working the Line with instruction and suggestions to improve. There is a whole lot going on during this Training but they will stop it with a "Safe and Hang" to make points throughout.

You think your rifle will lock in a fully loaded 30 rd mag with a closed bolt? You might need to check that, you may be surprised. The training covered that. I saw some pretty high end build AR's fail that test with Pmags and GI to.

I really enjoyed the Balloon and 2 inch sticky note drill, you need to attend so you can find out what that was.

So thank you again for the incredible weekend of training Cerebus and Adventure Protection, it was well worth the Time and Money without a doubt.

I am already using what i learned to put together a dedicated AR for serious business. It's not what i thought it would be either.

Oh, and you folks who are "on the Fence" about getting this type of Training? Jump off that fence and learn how to really "Run" that Gun. It's worth your time and Money i assure you.