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  • Friendly, Prompt, Professional, Pricey, Quality workmanship and they stand behind everything they do. David, Thanks !
  • They won't work for free ;-)
David is kind, considerate and a true professional as are the rest of his staff ! Thanks
  • Excellent work
  • Quick turnaround
Back in April, I had Brimstone do a Tier 1 trigger job for my 10/22 race gun build. After months of use and a handful of speed steel events, I must say that it’s fantastic and I’m very pleased. I can highly recommend them to my NWFA family and will be getting more trigger work done from them in the future.
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  • Full auto demo
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Went to their event today and got to experience full auto fire from an AR w/ can! Could only afford one box of ammo but was such an incredible experience! I never imagined I would have the opportunity to fire a full auto weapon! In fact I have been building my AR over the course of 2 years to spread the costs out. Obviously these guys are well respected in the industry and I can't wait to have them do my triggers! HUGE huge thank you to Brimstone for offering this opportunity to the locals!
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I have two Tier II triggers jobs on 10/22s. They are fantastic triggers and barely more than purchasing a BX trigger from Ruger and far better.

Great people to work with too.
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I sent my trigger in last year for a Tier 1 job, figuring I'd support a local company rather than give my money to Volquartsen or Kidd. It really wasn't much of a gamble, Brimstone has an excellent reputation. More than my aftermarket stock, bull barrel, or Leupold scope, the Brimstone trigger is by far my favorite modification, and the first thing I'd do to a stock 10/22.


David does a good job. I've had him to a trigger jobon my 10/22 and glock 19. Sights installed on my shield 9mm and my ruger sr9c. He's also threaded and installed a brake on my savage model 12 lrp. All for a reasonable price and turn around time. He answered all my questions and is very easy to talk to.
Extremely personable,very knowledgable, quick turn around with quality workmanship, best prices in town!! Only gunsmith I'll recommend. Operates downstairs of safe fire gun shop.
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