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I came in one rainy day with a gun that needed some better sights, I had already bought the sights on bnhphotovideo.com There is a dog, be nice and he kinda barks less?

2.5 weeks later came back, and they did a great job on my X-RAY3 6/6 conceal carry SIG sights. A+!


I used to shop at Al's frequently when Stan was the owner; lots of what I prefer; selection, fairness, and.....privacy. I think the transaction should be a private deal.

Back then, the BGC was over the phone; Stan would go in the back room and discretely do it....

I went once or twice under the new management.....o_O

Under the new management, there was a "local" who sat at the counter; watching my transaction; I mean staring at the entire event, didn't say a word, just staring while the owner voiced my personal information over the phone....:confused:

The last time I went was to transfer-in some items; there he was...staring.....:confused:
Very good selection and reasonable prices. Did a background check for me on a private sale. While waiting found a Beretta 1934 that seemed to follow me home. Will do business there again. Wish it was closer to me but the drive isn't that bad.