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Reviews summary

Overall rating
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
Tony runs a great shop with a well varied selection & competitive prices. Also friendly & professional, and great customer service. I’ve made four firearms purchase there as well as two FFL transfers of guns purchased online, definitely a great place to do business. I highly recommend this shop. They treat you very well.
I feel very welcome here as does my wife. Tony is an exceptionally good guy as far as gunshop owners go. I like his selection and I'm sure his trainig stuff is good too. I do almost all my firearms related business here now. Prices/trades are usually competitive and fair.
Jeannie first found this shop when they were still on Division near 190th. She stopped in and wound up spending a couple of hours with Tony on the laser range. After they moved to Gresham we stopped in a few times. Tony is always accommodating and helpful. Scheduling range time is best, but if you drop in he'll get you in if he can. Tell him what you want to practice and he'll set it up. Or ask him for some ideas and he'll point you in the right direction. They offer various types of training, from basic safety and up. No live fire on site, not sure if they will go to a range. Good selection of guns and accoutrements. Jeannie found it to be a very comfortable atmosphere for women.