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Reviews summary

Overall rating
5.00 star(s) 12 ratings
  • Right down the street from work, super convenient, knows his business, reasonable transfer fees
  • Some may consider no storefront a con but I don't.
I've been party to a couple transactions with Steve and he is a great guy to deal with.
Steve is great. Only place I go for a transfer or incoming purchase, unless I have to meet someone outside of my area.
  • Best transfer price by far!
  • Works fast.
  • Good communication.
  • Very easy to find.
What a great deal on transfers. Good guy and he makes it very easy. He had fast communication. Steve will be my go to guy for sure. Highly recommend.
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  • Nice Guy.
  • Great price.
  • Flexible hours.
Purchase arrived the same day it was to be shipped. I realize this has nothing to do with Steve, but I was very happy with everything else with the deal, so this was a bonus. Very pleased with the price and that a handshake is still honored.
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Great communication. Easy transaction. Hope to do business again. Can’t wait to look into a suppressor. Thanks again.
I had a pair of lowers shipped to Adaptive Firing Solutions from Brownells. I chose AFS since it's close by (almost the same neighborhood) and the $20 background check. As mentioned in other reviews the single $20 BGC fee covers all transfers you are making through AFS. Freaking WOW!

Steve is a great guy and if you are looking for something give him a holler and he will see if he can beat the price you found elsewhere. I wish I had run across AFS sooner and will certainly be a repeat customer.
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  • Great prices, great attitude and service
  • Helps to live on the Eastside / driving distance to Oregon City.
Excellent solution and service for your FFS needs with gunbroker.com, Buds or other interstate transfers. After a half dozen seamless transfers over four or so years, I can highly recommend AFS.
  • Quick and easy FFL transfers!
  • Friendly service!
  • Would be helpful if you live near Oregon City.
I had the pleasure of meeting Steve this week to do a FTF FFL transfer. Steve made it quick and easy and was great to talk with while waiting for the background check. He's a good guy and I highly recommend using his service. See you on the next transfer Steve!
  • great price on transfers
  • friendly
  • local
  • doesnt have stock on hand
  • hours of operation are limited
  • from time to time doesnt return text messages
Great guy, best transfer price around hands down.
look forward to giving him more business in the future.
Steve is the best. I wish I hadnt spent my money all these years at other FFLs and traveled so far. Steve is only 7 miles away from me. I have spent too much money at other FFLs for transfers over the years and it makes me sick thinking about it. (Steve, this is Jay btw) Steve is very knowledgeable and a very cool guy. I always feel welcomed and comfortable visiting him. He responds to all my texts and is always willing to help. AFS is by far my favorite FFL and ive been to probably over 30 different places within the past 5 years. I highly recommend Steve and his business to everyone. He charges $20 for bgc plus transfers for up to the first 4 guns. Additional guns would be $10 each past 4. So if you order 4 lowers and have them sent to him, you pay $20 total :cool:.
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Recently used AFS for a transfer. The process was quick and painless. Be aware, your iPhone GPS will send you WAY too far down the road from where he actually is, so do yourself a favor and call him when you get close! :)
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Yep, I used him twice so far. Once to buy my KSG new from him and once to do a transfer when I was selling my Stevens 320 shotgun. He's a great guy and I hope he gets a lot of business.
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I don't see any prior threads or discussion on this FFL, so I thought I'd add it.

Thanks to @accessbob giving me a heads-up to Adaptive Firing Solutions in Oregon City. He's a home-based FFL that handles incoming transfers, person to person transfers as well as sales of firearms and accessories. Steve is the owner and seems to be a really nice guy. He doesn't do this full time, but seems to be flexible with his hours, including being available on the weekends and in the evenings.

And, the big one for me - he's got the lowest price on transfers, whether incoming or private party, I've seen anywhere. He charges $20 total - and that's for one gun or multiple guns. It's $20 for each BGC he has to run, so if you have 5 guns coming in from say, Bud's, it's $20. Trade 2 guns with another person for 2 guns, it's $20 each, total. I can't beat that price anywhere. That's worth a drive to save the extra $$.

I haven't tried him out on purchasing a new item yet, but he says he can find good prices and can match or beat other dealers, depending on the item.

So if you can get yourself to Oregon City, consider checking him out and give him some of your business. I like the idea of encouraging folks like this and sending my business their way.

Website: www.adaptivefiringsolutions.com

Phone: 971-217-6811

He doesn't publish his address since he's home based, but will happily share it with you if you call. He has a Facebook page too and you can reach him through Messenger there as well.
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