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Reviews summary

Overall rating
1.50 star(s) 4 ratings
  • Good place to have a chuckle if you need to burn time in the area.
  • They have a nice roto-tiller in the other room.
  • Over-priced, employees don't have a clue about what they are trying to sell you..and could care less.
I've stopped in there several times over the years, (mainly out of curiosity) but have never walked out with anything. Usually over-priced junk in the case.'s not supposed to be a 5 star gun shop, but this place excels on the sleez-o-meter.

I went in there a few days ago because of the reader board that they have had sitting outside for days...
" Today only, 25% off all guns " I felt like a laugh.

As I anticipated, same garbage in the display case. Then the employee there tried to sell me a 3 gen S&W magazine calling it an M&P mag. I can't imagine why anyone would feel comfortable doing a transfer there, high service fee not withstanding.

I do get a benefit out of stopping in that place though...I've always noticed when my bottle of hand sanitizer is getting low ,
when I climb back into my truck to leave..
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I live close and used to frequent them quite a bit. I've still been popping in here and there for the past year or two looking for deals like I always do, but their selection of guns and knives has diminished, and their prices are generally above what it cost new at local gunshops or online, or even higher than msrp. Not to mention that they jacked up their previously good transfer prices after transfers became mandatory. Oh, and they routinely sell knock off products like chinese Microtech rip-offs and advertise them as the real thing, and definitely rip some people off. I know, "buyer beware", but its actually illegal and in my opinion unethical. Shame because they used to be a great place
  • Decent transfer pricesFriendly folks
  • Listed gun prices in store are too high
I reviewed 99 Pawn some time ago, with a fairly positive review. I just wanted to update this store based on an encounter I had with them last week. I am NOT giving them any of my business again, here is why (as I posted in another thread).

Their rate for a single gun transfer is now $70!!!

I was pissed Mostly at them, but also at myself for not checking ahead of time. I went ahead with it because I just wanted to get it done and get on with other things I needed to do. But I will tell you this, that POS rip off slimeball will never, ever get another penny of my money, ever again. I hope you all avoid them too. Treating gun owners like that is out of line and they should be shamed out of this practice. FAIR WARNING: DO NOT USE 99 PAWN ON MCLOUGHLIN!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

See more details of my review in the 'discussion' tab for this vendor.

***UPDATE 4/5/19: I'm updating my review. I sold a rifle and the buyer, who was paying the transfer, really wanted to use 99 Pawn, so I agreed to meet him there. I just wanted to note that they have reduced their fee for a private transfer to $40, which includes the BGC. I can still get better deals elsewhere, but it's good to see they brought it down by $30 over what it was a few years ago. Guy that helped us was very friendly. Just a heads-up that things have changed a bit.
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  • $25 Transfers Including OSP Fee
  • Average / Above Average Gun Prices
I've done quite a few transfers here with good results. The cost of $15 + $10 for the background check is very competitive. Their price on their used guns is average or above average, so I've never bought from them.