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Since 1981, Tuttle's Gun Store in Enumclaw, WA, has been providing a lifetime of firearm experience to our customers with friendly, reliable service. With a long history of classic gun and firearm sales, Ralph Tuttle's business has grown from his initial collection to a bustling enterprise that offers a vast selection of antiques and modern pieces for all types of collectors. Collectible guns and firearms are a rewarding hobby to invest in, and Tuttle's staff is highly trained in everything from vintage guns and ammo. We're also eager to buy all manner of antique firearms as well as modern guns of all types.

Beyond guns and ammo, we also offer a full range of pawn store services. From diamonds and jewelry to precious metals and other antique weapons like swords, we're always looking to buy and sell unique and interesting items. We have a great stock of vintage weapons, black powder guns and Western-themed art, including fantastic antique pieces in great condition.

For your gun buying and selling needs as well as ammo solutions for your hobby, give Tuttle's Gun Store a call at (360) 825-6100. Our friendly staff is here Tuesday through Saturday to help you find the perfect addition to your collection. Let us know how we can help you find exactly what you need.
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