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I went here upon the recommendation of a friend that had his 1911 competition gun built here. I had shot that upgraded 1911 and it is by far the most accurate handgun I had ever shot. I had a 1911 with integrated front sight that I wanted replaced. I had them cut a dovetail and install a novak front sight. The dovetail cut was perfect! This was on a norinco slide, which is known for its hardness. The downside was that the first range trip had the front sight fall off. I went to another gunsmith to have it fixed, where I lost faith in their ability.
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I first did business with John back in the 90's when his shop was on Lombard across from the Fred Meyers store. I was happy with his service and knowledge level..... was a return customer for the next twenty years. Fast forward to the present. John has retired and turned the business over to his daughter.

A while back, I took a simple sight job in there and was shocked with what I had come to know as a decent business. I checked back with them for the next several months to learn of the progress.

"Oh well we haven't heard back from the sight manufacturer", "We are working on it", "They sent us the wrong sight", "Your gun doesn't fit the part" "We are going to try a different maker", "We will need to mill out the receiver..(for a lot more money)". I did not give them a major project here. In fact it was a very common switch over for a popular model. Excuses all, not reasons.

I finally called BS on this and went in to retrieve my impossible project. I took it to another gunsmith in the Clackamas area that had been recommended to me by another NWFA member. I showed it to him, and he grinned and said "come back next week'.

I know why this guy has a high rating here..But for the current Shooters "Service" ? Not so much.
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I picked this place for an online FFL transfer, and I had a terrific experience. Don was super helpful from beginning to end. He communicated quickly via e-mail and phone, and was a great guy to talk to in person. The transfer went very smoothly with no issues whatsoever.
While I was there, I ran across a couple pretty rare rifle mags too. Definitely worth browsing here a bit!
Did a transfer there today. Don was friendly, helpful and knowledgable. The store had a decent selection of ammo and some really unique firearms for sale. I would definitely do business there again!
Johnny and I started competing in IPSC about the same time back in the early 80's. We soon discovered that we both had an interest in customizing 1911's . So we started doing so for others out of Johnny's garage. Johnny was always a stickler for precision fit of parts and checkering. He was always a perfectionist

We shot practical rifle, shot gun matches around the state together, and Johnny was always looking to improve his toys accuracy and reliability

We competed in the first paint ball competition together, before paint ball guns were designed. Think Nell spot for marking cattle and trees. Johnny had to make a gilly suit.

We belonged to a club mostly made up of OR. L.E agencies and shot at the old SE Oak and third Portland precinct basement range. Johnny could always come up with some interesting real life scenarios courses of fire.

We shot with some spec. guys from Fort Lewis at that range and one of them acreage that we'd set up jungle lane or picnicking with the family courses of fire. Johnny could always come up with booby traps along he trail.

I could go on but you get the idea

When I moved out of the area we dissolved the business ( Pale Horseman Inc) And lost track of John except to hear that he was one of the top cowboy shooters. I'm not surprised. He never could do things half way.

I see Johnny once in a while at the local Fred Meyers. He told me he's semi retired and his daughter is running the business
I get off of work early so I can swing by.

Great local hole in the wall revealed a real gem. I usually swing by and talk or buy ammo. I think I have also picked up a few benchmades at great prices. They have a small but interesting selection of guns. The really cool stuff are the used guns that come in on consignment. I swear the owner must know a number of collector types who periodically want to rotate their collection. Once you figure out their hours, it is pretty consistent. Closed Mondays, most Sundays, shot show, snow days on Germantown. Ammo pricing is usually pretty good. Walmart prices on .223. Installed my sights on my m&p .22. Great job.
Only had some gun smith work done there, but the price was right, the work was done well, and quickly at that. Owner served in Vietnam in the same unit I served in in Iraq - bonus points!
John runs a very credible business. He is also an excellent gunsmith.
After having a bad "smith" experience on the Washington side of the river, I took my slide over to Shooters Service Center to have new Trijicon Tritium sights installed. Called to verify hours, headed over and everyone I met was just great. 1 week later all my sight trouble of the past was resolved and I could not be happier with the final install. Will definitely be bringing more work their way. Now it's off to the range.
Just bought a STI Spartan form him. Great service and good price. I ordered a 9mm Spartan from him to be picked up next week.
John has worked on four of my pistols over the past couple of years. In each case the work was very well done, reasonably priced and the communication was good.
I took a class from him when he was at the old location, near Freddie's.
Shortly after he moved to the present location I had him do some work on a new Commander that was spiting shells all over, & a couple stove pipes. Very happy with the work done. Turn around time was terrible, though.
Sold it, miss it, sob sob.
I've bought and sold here. Good prices and solid customer service. Real nice guy with good advice. Really out of the way location for me though.
I have to agree that they are very nice people, very knowledgeable and don't get mad when you have questions for a "do-it-yourself" job. I would recommend them if you can get there when they are open.
I used to go there a lot when I was in college because it was right near my school. Usually has a good stock of cheap ammo to buy and a fast-changing inventory of cool guns to check out. I learned pretty quick that you have to call ahead before going there though lulz. Fortunately there is a coffee shop across the street to chill in until they get back if they are gone when I get there.
I lived in North Portland and never knew it was there. Then I found a Springfield 1911 Loaded lightweight and just so happens to be for sale from someone who works there. Anyway, I had a chance to look around while we did paperwork and they had a small collection of hand guns and rifles. What they had a lot of was small parts, magazines, etc.... They are a bunch of friendly people and I would recommend if your in the area to check them out.
I live blocks away, and until my wife happened to be driving my car , I'd never turned my head to the right and noticed this place.

Been getting ammo and cleaning supplies off and on for a while now, and a few older shooters I've met at the range have specifically praised the workshop.

Small but decent selection of pistols & parts. Good luck getting in, with their hours you'd swear it's almost a secret club. But if I owned a gun store I'd set my own hours too. Life is short.

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