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A great, safe place to go shooting
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Excellent range supervison
  • Fun shooting competitions
  • Great store with knowledgeable staff
  • Store discounts with range membership
  • No free ammo for retired teachers
Love this place!! Great staff, the range masters are friendly, helpful and alert. This is a safe place to shoot. The store is kind of low on stock these days but when there isn't a panic going on, it's well stocked and the staff there knows their stuff.
Great indoor range!
  • 25 yard lanes, and lots of lanes
  • Mostly friendly staff
  • Retired military lane fee discount
  • Overly helpful RSO for new shooters
  • Nice clean facility
  • Target trolley is quick and computer controlled
  • Good target selection
  • Must sign user agreement on Internet - no wet signatures
  • Membership prices are a bit high if you don’t shoot weekly
Went for my first time today, and it certainly lived up to the great reviews!

Excellent facility...highly recommended!!!
Love this place
Just left. Been getting rusty due to lack of range time because of work and closures. Great staff, good atmosphere.
  • Nice people
  • Clean Range
  • Lots of guns to rent
  • Not open 24/7
I enjoy this local indoor range, they have lots of fun guns to rent and try out. They also have a gun store if you want to purchase something.
  • Great range setup
  • Staff
Went in with my father had to deal with a bunch of people who didn't know what the hell they were doing. The staff like the think they're bunch of know-it-alls and even when you slap them in the face with a facts they still like to hover. I work in the industry and I have to say range is top-notch but staff and inventory are below par. I'm also an instructor and I will never take my students to this facility due to the constant safety violations by the staff. While I was there I was flagged by a staff member numerous times and I told him to quit flagging me and he developed an attitude. Again I will take my money elsewhere as well as my students and I will make sure that none of them hear a good thing out of me about this facility.
Just got back from checking it out for the first time. Great place very clean and bright very friendly staff i will definatley be back
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I spent about an hour here today, I had a blast. The RO’s were pretty nice and not like a strict drill sargeant (which is what I expected and partially why I mostly shoot on forest lands). It was a nice place, and a variety of people shooting. It was funny to see the guys from out of state shoot a Mosin next to us, they seemed to be having a lot of fun as well. I wish the headphones I bought were actually $40 like the lady said, but I planned on paying $70 anyway (she did correct herself before charging me tho, so that was good). I was not a fan of the young guys hammering away with a .44 magnum, but I got used to it after doubling down on hearing protection.
I would recommend this place to others as a place to go shooting.

I’m tempted to go to their bowling pin shoot! I wish I hadn’t missed the “Cosmic Bowling Pin” shoot tho, i am looking forward to the next one (which I hope to attend).
My family and I really enjoy this range. A big bonus is 17 years old and younger are free. Makes shooting with kids pretty inexpensive. Also, they take off 25% for vets and first responders. Have always had a good experience there.
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I have been shooting there for about a year now despite having a membership elsewhere.
The facility is excellent,& the people easy to deal with.
They are a bit on the pricey side (4 times what I was paying elsewhere).
They quite doing action shooting which is what got me in to start with but I think their online registration was messed up as the last 4 matches you could not sign up online and attendance fell off accordingly.
I just signed up for a membership despite the cost it's just too nice a range.
I became a member last year as I was having a problem getting to the outdoor ranges (physical limitations). I have never had a bad experience there and go about 1/week.

Using your own ammo & being able to collect your brass (well at least most of it) is great. You can also use your own paper targets although there is a charge of $0.75/target if you use your own.

Rental program is also great and they have a nice selection of firearms.

Also, the target hanger can be set to different programs where it will move to different distances, turn the target and pause for varying amounts of time. It's nice to have an option other than stationary targets.

My only wishes are that they opened earlier, had a longer range (25 yrds max) and had a chrono station that could be rented.
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I enjoy going there. IMO not spendy at all. Safer, closer, cheaper, than going up to Larch. Took a very informative Handgun class there. Folks are friendly, helpful & nice. Had the range to my self, and the RO spent time with me with shooting tips. You can even pop in for 1/2 hour sessions at 1/2 price... Membership is definitely spendy, unless your going there several times a week.
Took my Vietnam vet dad there for Veterans day. We both loved it. Nice facilities and great pricing. They had a veterans day discount but even at full price, nice place.

Most of these ranges you have to buy their ammo which means any work you did getting proficient is wasted.

The targets are actually nice for the money.

We will be going back.
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Went shooting there a coupe days ago. It is super nice, but a bit spendy
I agree, nice indoor range at a good price. The staff are nice, and friendly. For the $20 gun rental fee you can switch out guns as often as you like in that hour. We tried 3 different pistols for $20 (plus a box of 9mm rounds) two weeks ago, We live in a crappy weather area and it is a great option. I stopped by last week and put 100 rounds downrange with my 45, it took me 30 minutes of range time, brought my own ammo and my cost out the door cost was $12 (10 for 30 min of range and $2 for a target.) My wife took a pistol class there last Sat and it was a four hour class with 150 rounds of ammo included for $109, and she really liekd the class, it was women only and taught by a woman. I plan to send my teen to a class as well. We are not members and for us it is a great place.
I just went here the other day. It's a half hour drive for me.
Nice place! Everyone was very friendly. I got my AR jammed, the range officer helped me not only get it unjammed, he help me get a bench rest to zero in my sights. Equipment is top notch. Free coffee. $20/hr Shoot your own ammo (with exceptions). Worth visiting. For rifles the range is short but if you need to zero and you're in the area, it's worth it. I won't be doing a membership because I don't live close by but hope to go once a month.
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To be honest, I had never been to an indoor range before. I didn't know what to expect.

Safefire was amazing. Brightly lit, clean, easy to operate lanes and a great crew of Range Officers. I brought my 40, my 380 and my AR. The main reason for the AR was to get a reddot sighted in. I printed my own 25/50 yard target and they had no problem with me using my own target. The unfortunate part came when I discovered that I grabbed the wrong wench to adjust the reddot. One of the ROs took off and came back a few minutes later with a set! Talk about service!

While I still prefer shooting outdoors, I highly recommend Safefire and I knew a few of my friends have gone there since my visit and will say the same!
Took the wife to date night last Friday at Safefire. Very nice facility and we had a great time. Looking forward to going back.
I was there Sat. Nice place and I hope they do well. While is only a 25yrd range, I do like that they allow up to 308.
Prices on firearms seemed slightly higher than places like Sportsmans. Looks like they are a full line Magpul dealer, with prices better than Sportsmans, but not as good as Curts.
They charge $35 for transfers

My only real gripe is they advertise they are a NFA dealer, but when I inquired about NFA transfers, I was told the gunsmith downstairs was the one with the SOT. The gunsmith is a separate entity.
He does try to stock suppressors, and is tied into the Silencer Shop dealer program.
I did not see any NFA stuff upstairs with Safefire.
I took my fiance and her friend there Sunday .
Its very nice , very clean and its set up for a wide range of shooters from beginner to expert. The ROs were very cool with me instructing the girls and I was able to even pass on a couple of tricks to the ROs. The lanes are clean, very well designed, and user friendly.
The best part is that they want to make a welcoming environment for new shooters and women that may find the usual ranges more "male" friendly and intimidating.
Both girls had a great time and were impressed with the set up for the range.
Women are making up a larger percentage of new shooters and this place is geared for that. And I am all for supporting any place that wants to change the public opinion of what a "gun range" looks like.
Yeah, its pricey, but shooting sports isnt a cheap hobby. Its like spending $500,000 on a Sports car and them complaining about $50 wiper blades...
A nice clean well staffed and professional business is very appealing to folks, and a wet muddy cold pit maybe a little off putting for some...
After they didn't return any of my emails or answer any of my questions I eventually stopped trying and will continue to spend a fraction of their prices at Clark every year where I can shoot a lot more.
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