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Here at Redmond Firearms our mission is pretty basic: provide you with a simple and seamless firearms transaction. Whether you’re looking for a silencer, or want to buy, sell, trade, or consign, we aim to please.

We are a home based family business here in Redmond, Oregon that aspires to keep firearms family friendly. That means you’ll often meet the wife, the kids, and the family dog when you come for a transaction. Because of that, we want you to know that your family is welcome too. We strive to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for everyone. Which means, yes, we have toys for kids, and possibly a cup of coffee for you.

Zac was first introduced to the wonderful world of firearms through the 1988 Gun Digest. Spured on by his grandpa, he soon found himself a avid student of all things gun related. Not much has changed in the last 27 years. Zac brings that same passion and excitement his business, and wants to share that with you.

Contact him to see how he can help you with your firearms needs.
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