Overall rating
4.10 star(s) 10 ratings
  • great service
pat and steve are great people
First time in and was treated beyond well by the seasoned fellas behind the counter.
  • Great In-Stock selection
  • Pricing - Beat the 3 other shops I looked at by 15%
  • Quick and efficient paperwork processing
  • Friendlier than friendly and patient with questions and such
  • None from my experience today.
Really appreciated a warm welcome into this small gun shop by two older or as I say "seasoned" gents behind the counter. They were busy and respecting social distancing and face masks and had a line out the door.

I was in for about 25 mins, was offered as many in-hand looks at all the handguns. I settled on a SW MP and got a great deal.

I'll go back there first next time when I'm ready for another purchase.
Small shop with good selection
  • Good selection
  • Unfriendly / Standoffish
I only went in once before Covid. Small shop with a really good selection of used firearms, including older lever actions. There were several Winchester 94's and an O-Pap I was interested in. I got a bad vibe from the staff, like walking into a locals only dive bar. I'm not sure if they thought I was there to steal, or what. I did buy a few magpul mags and never went back.
Completely unhappy!
  • Customer service needs attention BIG TIME!
Not happy, customer service is highly lacking, and the male employees are rude. We wont be back!!
  • No nonsense
  • Knowledgeable
  • Great selection
  • Slightly higher prices
Went in to help my buddy with his purchase and ended up trading in a 1911 towards a CZ SP-01 Tactical. They gave a higher price that some of the other shops around town and offered to order me the CZ as it was not in stock. Whole ordeal took about 15 minutes. Easy, fair, and concise! Glad to see that NWA replaced the less than stellar store that was here before.
Always great to visit this gun shop. Lots of eye candy and great customer service. I purchased from them many times. I have also received great answers to any product questions that I have had through the years.
The Tigard Northwest Armory has an amazing selection of firearms and they are always friendly. I have bought several firearms from them since they opened the store on 99W. Price has always been fair and service is great. Their ammunition and accessories appear fairly priced and they display many more items they the exterior size suggests they can.
Don't go there for a private party transfer, I went in they told me $50 for the transfer and $25 for the BGC, they could have just said they don't do them like they told my friend 2 weeks before. I checked with the Milwaukie location and they aren't supposed to charge more and they acted like they didn't believe me when i told them. I wont go back to the Tigard location. People were polite but naming there own prices on private transfers is very shady.
I've been window shopping there since they opened. They've always been friendly with no pressure to buy. I finally made a purchase and am very happy with the exchange.
I've been a Northwest Armory customer for many years. I was stoked when they opened Tigard as it's much closer to me. Great prices, decent selection of new and used guns and ammunition. I've done two special orders there and both went perfectly. Will definitely keep going there for great deals!

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