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I went up with my wife on Mon am (Memorial day) some young kid was at lane 4. He was the only one there. When we were setting up he proceeded to tell me I couldn't use the lane because he was saving it for his 6 friend who were coming later. What is the rules/Etiquette on this? I left because I didn't want problems but I was pretty pissed... We drove from Portland. Any advice would be helpful.
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Yes virtually all of the lanes are suitable for multiple parties. It’s a common occurrence for folks to get there early and hold a lane for a group. We at Trash No Land and Oregon Department of Foresty understand these are a finite resource and hope to add additional lanes in times to come so there are more opportunities for more recreational shooters.
so are you saying lane four is only one lane that has two benches? It is designed for one party? I checked the ODFW website which states it is intended for two parties...
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They all were designed to accommodate as many as possible. However without a Range Officer, these lanes solely rely on the users to be courteous to each other. The best thing to do if a person or party is unwilling to share the lane is to wait for a turn or go to another lane. There is no way to enforce it either way. We rely on everyone to be kind and share when possible.
as a first time gun owner I wanted to find a place that I could practice and be able to feel comfortable and this was the place, I was also looking for a place close to the city and thanks to this site we found north creek.
I went up there twice last weekend once by myself and the second time with friends, but I made sure to clean after we were done.
  • Well Designed
  • Safe
  • Clearly Marked Rules
  • Road unpaved
Hands down this is the best place I've been to in Oregon. The hard work put in by Cogs and the others involved in setting this place up really shows. Rules are clearly posted, actual lanes and barricades are set up to give shooters an easy way to organize safe firing lines. While I've only been up here once so far the only thing I could imagine would be on the downside is when someone is set up at lane 1 or 2 the small size of the lanes and the way they are isolated from each other makes striking up a conversation with fellow shooters less likely. Finding this place is going to end up costing me a lot in ammo because its the first place I've found in Oregon that both myself and my partner enjoyed shooting at.
  • Designated shooting lanes and firing lines
  • Easily accessible - Just off the highway
  • Can be hard to get a lane
Hands down, this is my favorite public outdoor shooting area (when I can get a lane!). The fact that it's so busy is a testament to just how fantastic this place is. You'll definitely want to get there early to claim your spot.
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The wife and I drove up early in the morning on 1/18. I had been reading about the range for several months but I live on the east side of Portland so the trip is a bit much for an old man.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how little trash there was. I shot a bit of .22 and 9mm and cleaned up some of the larger pieces I could see protruding from the mud. And there is mud! But that's to be expected at this stage of development. In time grass and native weeds will fill in wherever people don't walk or shoot. Perhaps a bag of grass seed judiciously spread around might speed up the process but nature will do the job too.

The road was in good shape though the high center scraped some barnacles off the bottom when I strayed directly into the normal driving lane... Back to the edge of the road!

All in all it was a good day - even in the unending rain! But this IS Oregon so I can't complain.

It's a good range with room to improve. Congratulations folks!!
I've been shooting out here for years. It's a nice upgrade and a lot of people did good work improving this area.

Unfortunately for me I prefer unregulated shooting areas. I don't want to be approached by "stewards" some of whom seem more like the usual neighborhood association busy bodys that want to butt into everyone else's business rather than having anything critical to say.

While I understand the desire to show the state shooters can be responsible I don't feel that we owe the state anything. Shooting is legal and shooting in the forest is legal. They cannot infringe on our 2nd amendment rights and practice is part of firearm ownership.

I understand that many people trash areas where they shoot and sadly no amount of regulation will keep people from trashing natural areas. This is a nice experiment and I have no doubt that it can be kept clean but like everything else the work will be done by a handful of responsible people.

Either way again this is a nice area and it is in fact free to use. I still liked it better when there weren't neighborhood association cowboys patrolling it.
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It appears James joined the forum only to make this review. It is discouraging to hear of a gun owner that does not see the value in having stewardship in keeping recreational shooting alive on public lands.
Pros: Safest spot around. Four separate shooting areas with huge backstops and clear firing lines. Great example of shooters working with the state to create a facility that works. Stays surprisingly clean.

Cons: It gets busy/full. Could use more parking.
I have been going to this area for years, and since the involvement of NWFA and ODF, the area has only gotten better. I love the Tillamook State Forest, and being a steward of the land has become a passion. Thanks to all who help keep the area clean!
Being new to the area I was not thrilled with the shooting ranges in the city of Portland and surrounding areas. As a note Salt Lake City has better indoor ranges. But finding this has been a blessing it's clean and safe. So far people have been courteous and I have shared lanes on several occasions. I have watch for years areas get shut down due to abuse in Utah and I would hate to see that happen here. Oregon is a beautiful state and it needs to be treated with respect. This place is awesome and we are very lucky to have it, so don't take it for granted.
In the future I would love to see a few more lanes and a few longer ones.
Thank you to all the individuals that made this possible! What we do today effects generation well into the future.
Having had a play in the design and progress through my time volunteered with the Forrest Grove ODF department, I'll try not to show my bias.

This set of four improved fire resistant shooting lanes are pretty cool.

Though these lanes are in essence an experiment to show good or bad results to bigger parties at the state level ODF, they are well thought out and constructed.

With the goal of safety and fire prevention the lanes were cleared of all woody debris and some even have gravel lanes to prevent mud. All lanes have a large backstop area for catching the majority of bullets traveling in the shooting direction of the lane. In theory if the lane is used correctly, the backstop should be catching the bullet. Safety design elements were included as well. Such as the jersey barriers in full width of the lane to create a shooting line or shooting barrier, as well as a nice place to store your weapons facing down range. Thus preventing unessesary muzzle sweeping that can occur when shooting in groups from the back of a truck/s.

I enjoy shooting here, as long as I am lucky enough to get a spot! For the most part, I have found members of this site kind enough to let others join as the top two sites are more than large enough for larger groups as demonstrated at our grand opening. Though the longest range is site 4 at 80 yards, I still find it long enough to thoroughly site in a rifle.

One other nice thing about these sites, is the fact that they are so heavily watched by members of this site. So for the most part, I have yet to see one thoroughly trashed. If anything I've collected a half of a garbage bag of sofa cans and some paper targets from the two available not in use at the moment sites.

Kudos to the ODF for implementing a really nice and unique recreational location for those of this area. I hope to continue volunteering with the ODF and look forward to seeing more of these sites pop up in time to come!

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