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At NFAscout LLC our stock and trade is firearms, airguns, ORV's and aircraft.

We repair, sell, and transfer standard firearms as well as Machine-guns and Suppressors.

We're an FFL with an 08 Importer and 07 Manufacturer's license and an SOT. More commonly referred to as a “Class 3 Dealer/Manufacturer”. We buy, sell and manufacture Machineguns, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns and Silencers as well as standard hunting rifles, handguns, and other valuables. We occasionally carry or consign civilian-transferable machineguns, but the new ones we build are available to Law Enforcement only. Our silencers are transferable to civilians on a Form-4.

If you're in Law-Enforcement and want to test or evaluate any firearm, silencer or machinegun from the past or that is currently on the market we'll do our best to locate one and make it available. Just give us a call.

For everyone else, we have a 100 yard range on site and 1000 yard open range close-by. We have a good selection of, silencers and weapons you can try before buying.

We are 20 miles north of Sandpoint Airport and 13 miles south of Boundary County Airport adjacent to the 400 Acre Stampede Off-Road Vehicle Park. We're 9 miles from the snowmobile trails that connect Roman Nose with Priest Lake. Feel free to bring your RV and off-road toys up and make a weekend of it!


Rick Peterson (Me :), worked days in the motorcycle industry during my 4 years with the Air Force where I worked midnights at NSA. In light of recent events I apologize for my previous affiliation. We used to spy on Russians back in the day :0

After my stint with the Air Force ended in the early 80's, I worked as a Yamaha/Kawasaki/Polaris line mechanic. I continued my training and was selected as Yamaha's Top West-Coast Service Manager in 1987. I began boring out and stroking Jet Skis and dirt bikes in the 80's. I wrote monthly tech articles for Personal WaterCraft Illustrated in the 90’s and started Rick Peterson Motor Sports (RPMs) in 1995. We stroked and balanced cranks and did boring, porting and Nickasil plating of aluminum cylinder bores. All work was done in-house by my crew of 12. If you've ever read about a YZ139, YZ-167, KX105, CR112, CRF-302, or an ICE CUBE cylinder, these were all products that my men and I developed. In 2006, my shoulder got the best of me and it became too difficult to race Motocross. I reluctantly sold RPMs to Max-Power cylinders from Madison, Wisconsin.

MaxPower/RPMs let me keep my favorite lathe, a Bridgeport mill, my measuring tools, TIG welder and my trusty AWD CRF302 shown in the photo above. I kept my toe in the motorcycle industry as a consultant for MaxPower-RPMS and Christini AWD Motorcycles.

From 2007 to 2009 I designed Big-Bore airguns. I disassembled hundreds of guns, measured and photographed them, chronographed them, modeled parts in SolidWorks and built prototypes. Just as I was ready to go into production with a .45 caliber 3-shot repeater, two things changed.

1) Concern over our new president sucked money out of the airgun industry because everyone was buying AR-15's instead........ Self included :)

2) THE CHIEF (Mrs. Peterson) and I moved to Idaho.......and.... About 10 minutes later I fell in love with machineguns and we both fell in love with silencers. So the airgun project went on the back burner.

Over the years we've both taken several Front Sight courses and I've taken a Rifle Accurizing course from Gordy Gritters, and a Silencer Theory class from Dr. Phil Dater at Gem-Tec. I've become an FFL/SOT-"Class-3" Manufacturer and have started building silencers and machineguns. The Mrs. bagged an elk this fall and I didn't.........but that's another subject.

I shot my first ground-hog in 1969, and have maintained an interest in firearms since, but I'm not really a firearms expert in the way I was with motorcycle engines. I do know enough to know when I don't know enough.
I'm not planning to compete with Gem-Tec or SureFire for military contracts, but I do plan to develop some neat stuff that I think there is a market for.

For the past several months I have been testing integral silencer designs for the Ruger 10/22 and the CZ 452 Scout. I don't have anything better for the 10/22 than the currently available integrals, but I think my little Scout is pretty cool. It's sportin' the Deiysle Carbine look with a 1-1/2" diameter bull barrel integral.
The Scout's are short, light and very well made .22's. Because of this, they are very hard to come by. So far I've managed to grab 16. I hope to have them for sale to LE and civilians this spring. I don't take deposits for anything that is not done, but do e-mail me if you are interested in the 452-integral.

My Official Shop Hours are Thursday from 10AM to 2PM, but I can make an appointment at any time to fit your schedule. Do feel free to call me between 9 AM and 5 PM PST.

Please remember that we are on PST up here in North Idaho. For reasons unexplained, we in the Panhandle share the Washington time-zone which is an hour behind the rest of Idaho.

I look forward to working with you,

Rick Peterson (208) 304-7466

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