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Awesome staff
  • Friendly
  • Don't talk down to you
  • Helpful
  • Fair prices
  • Low stock on guns and parts
Being new to the area and having just made an online purchase of an AR lower, I opted to use MK Tactical as my FFL, without knowing anything about them aside from their proximity to where I live. To make sure I was following their procedures correctly, I emailed the store and within a couple hours, I got a very nice email back from Michael who outlined all the steps I needed to follow for a smooth transaction.

Fast forward to the day I go to fill out my 4473 and my first experience entering the shop, there was some people in line ahead of me. I should say the shop is pretty small, so it has a "boutique" feel to it. But the people at the counter being helped were a dad and maybe his 7 or 8 year old son. Michael, the owner, gave that kid a new tactical backpack free of charge. I'm sure it was probably some freebie promotional item, but you should have seen that kid's eyes light up! Kind gestures like that, are what make me feel good about doing business with a company. When it was my turn for service after about 10 or 15 minutes, Michael got me started on the paperwork and and helped answer all my questions. In the case under my forms, I kept seeing this Glock 19x in coyote brown and casually asked if I could look at it. I've never owned a Glock before and Michael explained the main features of the firearm and we had a nice chat about the Sig/Glock military trials. He sold me the Glock that day too!

As I was waiting to see where I was positioned on the background check queue, I struck up a nice chat with another patron who seemed to be a regular. That's the cool kind of place this is. Yeah, it is small, but the quality of service is so much nicer than what I have experienced at other gun stores where the people are impatient and just want you to pay and get out. I strongly encourage you to patronize this store if you live in the area.
Good guys!
  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Willing to share experience
  • Clearance price area
  • Small selection
I stop in here every once in a while to see what Michael has in the clearance section, and to ask questions when I have a project in mind.

Michael has always shown me patience and grace. He speaks from his (extensive) experience with a willingness to educate, and has never made me feel foolish - only empowered.

Additionally, I have found that no matter the line of customers he has had, he ensures that he is 100% present with 1 person at a time. He doesn’t make me feel rushed or anxious (though I do try to be considerate of everyone’s time), and by showing me that respect, he has certainly earned my business.

I’ve purchased small treasures, like his son’s old knife (thanks!) and I did an FFL transfer through his shop, with reasonable prices and quick turnaround. Yes, there were cheaper prices upon an internet search, but I’d rather support this storefront, given my positive experiences.
The owner (Mike) is easy going and friendly. The selection is fairly limited but they can order pretty much anything and it gets there quickly. Orygun Holster Company shares the location and Ryan makes top quality holsters for excellent prices. I enjoy visiting with the staff there and will continue to do business with them.
Visiting family and friends in the PNW and went looking for some parts. MK had exactly what I needed at a fair price and super friendly staff. Not a huge selection, but enough of what every one usually needs. Worth the trip!:)
  • They have a holster making business in the back, I've had a couple made there, its good work. The holster guy is friendly and willing to work with you to get you what you want.
  • The owner is kind of a jerk. Stuck up. Asked about their blue label program while buying a holster, was made to feel like a scrub. The prices aren't special, and they are actually more expensive then most around with the exception of DGS for example.
For where it is located and how rude the staff tend to be in addition to the prices .... you can do better somewhere else.
I have been going in there since he first opened shop. Always great service. Two weeks ago I was there and I purchased $40.00 in misc. The owner thanked me for doing business at his shop. I had not heard anything like that since 30 years ago. I expect this gun shop to go far, it already has in the short time it has been there.
I enjoy going there everytime, while they can get busy at times, they remind me of cruise missiles in that they will continue researching and researching until they find what you are looking for. I take their time advise as gold. Mike, the holster maker, is committed and worked with me on several holsters I use for all of my firearms for concealed carry. I use his IWB holster for all of my carry needs and they are comfortable and made to work. Recently, taken a pistol course and it ran perfectly fine from day 1. Deal with MK Tactical with no issues at all, great people, including the dog, which strangely points you to the Glock section of the pistol area all the time. I think it is a conspiracy but they are all saying that is just the way the dog is.
The three Mikes work there; Michael, the owner, "Senior Mike", the older fellow who knows his stuff about finding a gun that fits you, and "Holster Mike", who makes his own Kydex and leather holsters in the back and is the Glock Armorer for the store. These three run a very tight ship and have a decent selection. The awesome thing is that if they don't have it, they will find it, even if it's at another store. In addition they will flat out show you their price for a gun if you ask. Straight over to the computer and , "Look, right there is our price, a little bit of shipping and 10% and your cost is...." Right there on the calculator in front of you.

"Senior Mike" is a firm believer as am I that you really need to try a bunch of handguns before you know which one is right for you. It could be the greatest pistol in the world but, if it doesn't fit your hand and grip then it's useless to you. He will let you handle every pistol he has to help you find one you like.

Michael, the owner, is a great guy and has been reloading and shooting since he was a kid. He is a Dillon rep and a HUGE Dillon fan. He is extremely knowledgeable about reloading and will give you a no BS breakdown of reloading; costs, equip, etc. This is great if you are just getting in to reloading and don't know where to start really.

"Holster Mike" is the armorer and holster maker for the company. I have one of his IWB holsters I wear daily for concealed carry. I got him to extend the leather a bit so my grip wouldn't rub against my side without an undershirt, "No Problem" he says. The leather is extremely comfortable. In addition they install sights (had my Trijicons installed on my FNH FNX) and also can have other work done by their web of specialty armorers. Recently I had my Remington 12 gauge shotgun barrel threaded and had the cone improved in a little over a week turn around. Also they have an expert Cerakote painter they work with and does a very nice job, some of his work is on display at the shop.

Just to keep going, they are one of the only dealers that carries Black Rifle Company, a local AR manufacturer. If you haven't seen his new compensator and have been considering one, it's worth checking out and it's a mere $80, almost half price of the Battlecomp.

I don't work at MK Tactical but, everytime I go in their I am treated like family. I am a former Marine firearms instructor and if I can answer a question one of the guys can't their is no negative looks, no dismissive attitudes, they are fully committed to improving the community and giving their customers the most knowledgeable advice they can.
A++ business, took their CCW classes. And have used them for several FFL transfers. And i will go to them when i order my SR1911.
They are also a Dillon sales rep.
I bought my first gun here, a Taurus 24/7 pro DS. These guys were awesome to deal with and very helpful.
Great store with great staff that will actually listen to you as a customer and try to find the right gun, not just one that will make him alot of $$$.
He also offers CCW and disaster preparedness classes.
Very nice shop. They also make their own Crossbreed-style IWB holsters for reasonable prices.
I was in there a few days ago, nice people, vary helpful and decent inventory!

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