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Lane Precision rifles was born from my love for the outdoors, hunting, and the long range shooting sports. I grew up in a small north Idaho logging town with the best Dad a guy could ask for. He showed me everything, from what animal or bird makes what tracks, to whether it was male or female. He showed me how rifles, pistols and shotguns worked and of course what it meant to keep them and people around you safe. From a very young age my Dad showed me the “ropes” and I never quit learning and always asked questions to better myself, and of course being the person he was, he always encouraged the questions and never hesitated to give an exact answer to help me learn. He encouraged me to venture out on my own and explore new things, hunt new drainages, and just go see what was over the next ridge. And for that I am truly great full.

From day one and at avery young age I was fascinated with how rifles in particular worked, and how they could be so precise, and of course my dad encouraged it 100%. I would take them apart, see what did what and how, and then put them back together again, (sometimes with pieces laying on the bench, sometimes not) but my Dad was always there showing me what, why, and how they did what they did, long story short….. I was hooked. To say hunting and shooting was in my blood from the word go, would be an understatement.1000 Yard plus shooting with LR hunter 300 Rum

I would like to say that I had years of personal training under some of the best gunsmiths in the country, and that I have years of military and tactical training that got me to were I am, and trained me how to shoot long range very well and with precision, but that would be a lie and simply is not the case. For me it was growing up around the old world shooters and gunsmiths, trial and error was the norm. I also worked in a local gun shop every chance I could, tearing down 1911’s, old and new rifles and shotguns, making sure everything was up to snuff and then reassembling them. I guess for me it wasn’t work, it was fun and I couldn’t wait see what was next. I was a sponge from a very young age, reading and picking up everything I could about rifle building, modifying, and assembling rifles so they shot better and performed better than others, trying new mounts, scopes and bullet powder combos.

My child hood and teenage years were the best, I got to be around my Dads friends who were all into shooting rifles, pistols and competitive trap, they never let me stop learning, and always let me try out there shotguns and rifles and then asked me what I liked, disliked, and what I would change and why. From them I took old world craftsmanship and pride and what it meant to do a great job and pay attention to detail, and blended it with todays technologies, materials and equipment to help me produce extremely accurate rifles. My love for the hunting and shooting sports stems into my passion for building precision Tactical and Hunting rifles, and flows into every rifle I build. I take extreme pride in my work, and put 110% into every rifle I build for my customers, weather it be mild or wild, and I also treat every project as if I were building it for myself. Every rifle is built by me from start to finish using nothing but the finest components available.

There are people in my life, Family and Friends who pushed me and have supported me 100%, they’ve showed me what true friends are and for that no amount of words that I can speak to them will ever show the gratitude and the thanks that they deserve, and some are greatly missed every day. I would like to thank Shawn Carlock for all the help and advise he has given me, he is a true innovator and even though we are in the same business, he remains one of my close friends and hunting partners. Each year we try to set aside a few hunting trips together just to have fun, tell stories, shoot rifles and just hang out like true friends do, for that and also being there as a friend, I thank you. The one person that is truly the fuel to fire is my wife, she sees every rifle that goes through the doors and is my toughest critic. She pushes me the hardest and would walk into a hail of gunfire to stand beside me and have my back, and she is always there supporting my Ideas and dreams and for her and her putting up with me, I am surely blessed.

Pair of stunning Ultimate's

This is a little bit about the man behind the scenes, and the people who got me here. I personally thank you for you visiting Lane Precision Rifles, and as always feel free to drop me a line weather it be email or Phone call, I am always glad to answer questions and give my input on your next build.

Thank you, and be sure to check back often, and see whats new.

Dallas Lane, Owner, Lane Precision Rifles, LLC.

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