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About This Resource

The Kittitas Valley Rifle and Pistol Club began life as an idea that spawned in the minds and desires of a group of WWII Veterans that were looking for a handy way to continue shooting. We all know that the weather can hinder outdoor activity, that work can make recreation time during the day hard to come by, and that many other things can get in the way. Now, imagine having the opportunity to do something very challenging, something with a long history of safety, something that will improve your concentration, and something that will provide an outlet for your competitive side and be a whole lot of fun!

The KVRPC provides a winter time shooting season with several shooting disciplines available. There is a membership option that suits anyone's needs. Our mid-winter season of shooting indoors is for anyone wanting to participate in gallery style Target Rifle, Bullseye Pistol or Light Rifle .22 or airgun shooting. Our range is very safe, well managed and we encourage people to come out and join the fun of indoor target shooting.

Our indoor season usually starts about the first week in December and runs until the last week of March. Our programs are in the early evenings starting about 6:00pm. Bullseye Pistol and Light Rifle have multiple start times to suit most schedules. We encourage family participation as it is a wonderful way for parents and their children to learn safe gun handling in a controlled environment. Organized shooting sports are at the very top in safe sports for people to participate in. Our emphasis is 100% safety 100% of the time.

Whether your need is to keep your skills sharp or just be able to keep shooting in the winter when it is no fun to be outdoors or if you are looking for a competitive outlet or want to improve your shooting skills, then the opportunity is here, all you have to do is take advantage of it!
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