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  1. Outdoor Range
  2. Handguns
  3. Rifles
Max Shooting Distance
100 Yards

About This Resource

ISC has 7 yard, 50 foot and 25 yard handgun lanes and 25, 50 and 100 yard rifle benches. Shooting handguns at the rifle benches is allowed; rifles are not allowed on the handgun lanes. Membership is not required for single-day use of the range. Shooting benches are protected from rain, but seating behind lines can get rain blown in during poor weather. Targets are exposed to rain.

Targets may be posted during cease-fires every 30 minutes. Range behavior is typically safe and civil. Staff and members appear welcoming to users who are not cis/het/white/male. RSOs are reasonably attentive and not overbearing.

Brass-catchers and simple wooden rests are available for use on the rifle benches. Handgun lanes are separated by wire mesh screens to limit flying brass, but brass traveling from lane to lane is not unusual.

Waiting time to get a lane on weekends is usually minimal. The exception is the third Sunday of each month, at which time a blackpowder club has most of the rifle range reserved for the first few hours of the day. Don't come on that day expecting to get a 50 or 100 yard rifle lane before late afternoon. The 7-yard pistol lanes are often full on weekends but typically turn over soon enough.

Range is closed Monday and Tuesday, and on major holidays.
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