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The only place I have found 9mm in stock
  • Fair and friendly
  • Tiny shop
I’ll admit I didn’t even know this place existed, as I don’t tend to go into Forest Grove often. But it’s a giant (looks bigger from the outside!) green building that you just can’t miss if you’re paying attention.

After checking Bi-mart in Cornelius for ammo, they recommended I go up the road to H&K.

In the age of empty shelves, this man came through with a couple boxes of 9mm. I asked him if I could buy more, but in the spirit of integrity, he said that wouldn’t be fair to others. 2 box limit, please and thank you.

Nice old guy, traditional shop, traditional values!
Kurt has been tuning up my dad's firearms for YEARS. I have several of them now and can tell the difference and the quality of the work. I would recommend them for custom gunsmithing on the west side!
I just bought a hunting rifle and as the pull was a bit too long for me, a coworker suggested I take it to Kurt at H&K. When I got there and saw the stocks and rifles that he had made up on the wall, I knew I had come to the right place. He listened to my concerns, took some measurements, and made some suggestions on what to do. I ended up leaving it with him to have the stock shortened and a recoil pad installed as the first step. The price was reasonable and he called me five days (three business days) later to pick it up. There are still some fit issues I have to figure out but the LOP feels great.

Overall I found him polite and pleasant to deal with. It is definitely a niche shop so I wouldn't recommend it to everyone... just like I wouldn't recommend a Harley shop to a Honda owner ;).
I've decided I need another revolver so I stopped in today to see what he had. When I walked in Kurt politely asked want he could help me find. I told him I was starting to look for another revolver but wasn't sure exactly what yet. We talked a little about what I already have and told him that I was leaning towards a S&W in 41 or 44 mag. He just smiled and agreed that either one would be a great choice. He added that a Ruger in .30 carbine might be a nice addition as well. Unfortunately he didn't have anything for me today. As I was leaving he stopped me to offer up a new calendar which I accepted and he invited me to stop by periodically to see what he may have gotten in. Very pleasant visit... As usual.
Bought a rare Marlin 336a (24" sporting barrel) rifle there. Paid $50 below tag price. Kurt was knowledgeable enough, but not very motivated to sell to an obviously motivated buyer. I almost left out of spite, but I really wanted that gun. Anyway, he spent 40 mins on the phone for the background check and mumbled the whole time about what a hassle it was. Good inventory, decent prices, willing to barter, but overall a bad businessman when it comes to service. Not planning on going back, I'll drive the extra 15min and go to Al's Gun Shop, had a much better service experience there and a very similar type of inventory.

Honestly dont understand the mentality of some of these older "everything's a hassle" shop owners. They will complain about losing all their business to online gun companies, but then they deliver crappy face to face service...is their something about this they simply don't understand?
Kurt at H&K fix my model 70 rifle, the firing pin spring was 3/8 inch too short. Good price and turnaround time. He seems to know what he is talking about I will gladly give him more business!

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