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About This Resource

When you need AR-15 Firearms in Portland you won't find a more knowledgeable staff and excellent selection than Curt's Discount Shooters' Supply. We're your full service AR-15 firearm supply shop in Portland with everything you need for a great day on the range or a successful hunt. That's because at Curt's Discount Shooters' Supply you get more than you expected. From our brand selection to customization of your AR-15 performed by our highly skilled and experienced gunsmith, once you come to our shop you'll never need another gun shop again.

Without a quality selection, buying an AR-15 gun in Portland can be an exercise in frustration. You want to know your local AR-15 firearm shop carries your favorite brands in stock, and has the accessories you want to customize your guns your way. We've got guns from the best manufacturers and can help you customize them to your liking. There's nothing like going shooting, knowing that your gun is reliable and perfectly modified to your unique specifications. When you need the best guns, we carry AR-15 firearms from Bushmaster to Colt and so much more.
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