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4.73 star(s) 11 ratings
  • Great staff, plenty selection and on the ball for service
  • None during my experience.
Stopped in looking for a Magpul trigger guard and pin. Took care of me and even managed to get me to walk out with 3 other items!:s0140: Highly recommend and will support them again in the future.
  • Honest
  • Fair Prices
  • Good Inventory
  • Open Sunday
I visited the store earlier this year and purchased a scope. They have very competitive pricing and a large inventory . No question I would buy from them again in the future.
  • Location
  • Veteran owned
  • Staff knowledge
  • Unresponsive
I hate to give a negative -ish review to CoA, so let me lead with positives. They are close to me, they often have a good selection, and I’ve had no issues having firearms sent there by vendors and doing FFL transfers there. They typically have not been misogynistic or unpleasant or mansplainers, and that’s important to me as a female shooter. I’ve always been willing to spend the extra 20 bucks over what i can do it at for with one of my gun club’s FFL as a club member because i want to support my local gunshop. Competent local gun shops are an important resource.

However - I went to them to try to get knowledge for my first AR, and I was given time and knowledge - most appreciated. We worked up a list of parts to complete the weapon and I was told, quite fairly, this being the time of COVID, everything would take longer, but they’d order them for me and i didn’t need to put money down (i did buy a lower from them at this time). So far, so good.

This was all in mid-March. At first, I was given timelines for arrivals of parts, but almost nothing materialized. Ok, I know it’s plague time. But we’re now in June, and all they have told me they have is a stock, and a handstop. I’ve asked a few times, normally once a week, if there were updates, did they need me to pay for what they did have, did they need me to prepay for stuff still not received, did they lose the list of parts needed, we could make a new list, etc. nothing. Understanding they’re busy and this is plague time, it’s still not a good way to treat a customer.

I’m just one customer and I don’t deny they can be very good if you play to their strengths. About me, I shoot a lot (over 20,000 rounds in 2019), compete in USPSA, IDPA and Speed Steel, and understand the world does not revolve around me in any way. I know they have other stuff to do. I’m just relating my experiences, and your mileage may vary.

EDIT - if it’s not clear, I like these guys and appreciate what I’ve been able to do there, in the past, before this. In response to a few PM’s I’ve received, yes, I’m going ahead and completing the AR myself, and already have a carbine done so all is well.
  • Friendly, good selection, I like the new store
Great place for this or that. Firearms, accessories, ceracoat. They are great
  • Friendly and effective ... and open Sunday's!!!
Used this shop for an FFL transfer on a Sunday. One of the few that are open on a Sunday to help support required FFL transfer. So appreciated this offering, where they are one of the very few in the W. Valley that do this.

Staff was friendly and effective!
  • Friendly, on the ball and respectul to everyone.
I can't say enough about the service there. Whenever there is an opportunity to deal with a Veteran owned business I will go out of my way to do business. A Marine so that says it all.
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these guys know their stuff and are more than willing to share that knowledge. Every time I go here is like visiting friends and if they don’t have what I want/need they will get it in short time. I will definitely be a forever customer here!
I have had them do a few $25 transfers for me. Last time I bought a home-built AR from a guy and there was an issue with it failing to fire sometimes. I'm sorry, I don't know the owners name, but he was curious and while waiting for the transfer approval, he re-installed the hammer spring correctly at no charge. These guys make me feel like I'm visiting friends and FWIW, their prices are competitive. Ken in Corvallis
Patient,super informative,kind to my dog and understanding of disability's, I have nerve damage in my hands, makes it difficult to rack the slide and he immediately found a solution, I may be able to shoot a pistol again.
  • Friendly, responsive, deep knowledge, respectful, and integrity
  • Shop appears messy
Stopped in on my way to the 2A Rally at the Capitol.
John helped me order a new light weight fixed stock for my AR10 at a heckuva price. :)
While we looked, Adam replaced the sights on my pistol.
Another customer came in to check the Cerakote on his AR, and it looked sweet.
I walked out a happy man.
The shop may appear disorderly, but they know their stuff, and every transaction I have had there has been awesome.
I don't care about a mess, so no deduction -->> 5/5
adams a good guy! good shop to go to in keizer. only shop we have unless we go to salem!last time i was in there his products on the shelf were at a fair price and the shop was super clean!

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