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Overall rating
2.57 star(s) 7 ratings
  • Can’t think of one at this time
  • Wouldn’t let me in the store
Took the day off today to go see my cancer Dr in Potland and stopped by Cabelas on the way back to work. They were open an hour early (9:00) for people 60+ and immune system compromised (which I am on chemotherapy). The very judge mental woman controlling the front doors would not let me in because she didn’t believe me that I was on chemo. This business lost me as a customer for life after being treated like this. Just because I’m young (40) doesn’t mean I don’t have serious health issues. I called later today to report the treatment I received earlier and the customer service desk couldn’t care less. They are obviously not putting much thought into their procedures and only want to sell their well overpriced items. Good for them though to let people over 60 (without ID from what I observed) and in early and expect me to wait. I don’t make it to Portland very often but always drop at least $200 on stuff at their store when I get up that way because of the selection not available in my area.
  • Older employees at gun counter are good
  • Decent selection at good prices for black powder supplies
  • Sells Pietta black powder revolvers at good prices, probably lowest around.
  • Gun counter too slow in general
  • Too many steps to buy a gun
  • Many guns are overpriced, except black powder weapons
  • Too many things they sell are out of stock
  • More stock is overpriced than at fair prices or underpriced
  • Salespeople push the Cabela's credit card on you too much
My review is from a visit I made to Cabela's at the start of May 2020. I was there strictly to shop for a Pietta black powder revolver. Because you have to take a number and wait 20-30 minutes to even REACH the counter, I was able to check out most of the store.

They can't seem to keep certain things in stock. I saw entire sections of ammunition sitting empty, and I wondered why they just didn't order MORE of those items and restock from the back of the store. Much of their existing stock is overpriced, as well as their guns. You can do better at any number of online outlets.

Lucky for me, the one exception to all of these things was they are pretty well stocked on anything having to do with black powder. A rifle for about $220, for example, or any of the Pietta revolvers. Keeping round ball in stock seems to be a problem for them, though. I bought the last Hornady box of 100 they had, and got 30 more in the Starter Kit.

I ended up purchasing an 1851 Navy Colt in .36 caliber and I was happy with it. However, on the way back to Washington state (The WA Cabela's are still basically closed and have even LESS stock on black powder stuff) I had to stop at Sportsman's Paradise at the Three Rivers Mall near Longview and found the rest of the black powder supplies I needed there.

One really annoying thing is that sometimes the salespeople push you to apply for the Cabela's credit card. My guy followed me all the way to the register to tell me about it. Thanks, but I don't want your credit card. Most stores do this from a separate table on your way out.

Except for additional black powder guns or supplies for same, I probably wouldn't buy a modern gun from them. Maybe ammunition or small peripherals, but that's it. If you want a Cabela's T-shirt or hat, well...they give those away cheap. IF you wanted one.... :)


  • Good selection in the Gun library ( Usually)
  • Good camo selection
  • good clothing selection
  • Good fishing selection of generic stuff
  • Zero gun counter help,zero knowledge of product
  • Above average prices, even the sales are not a good deal
  • Overly complicated, agonizingly slow gun purchase process, too many chiefs, not enough Indians
  • know it all employees and worse management, zero help or concern for the customer needs
I was expecting a lot more, and was underwhelmed, to me, Cabelas is the Wall Mart of the outdoor sporting vendor world. Expect low and you will not be disappointed! From the Largely generic selection of so so quality, or the inflated prices, to the brand exclusive=cheap junk, not my go to for any real needs. even Sportsmans has area specific selection of product. An overly complicated firearms purchasing system with way too many extra and unnecessary steps and unnecessary personal, to an agonizingly low process, I will not buy a gun from them unless it's worth the hassles, which it usually isn't! The camping area as well as fishing, and hunting are ok, but don't look for area specific/targeted species, or technique driven sports! I would have thought they would have done better! SAD!
  • Large selection
  • Decent sale prices occasionally
  • Nice building and atmostphere
  • Buying a gun is a half-day ordeal
  • Nothing especially cool or unique
Visiting fairly regularly since they opened, there are some things I love and some things I hate about Cabela's.

To start, I will never buy a gun from here again. I've been through the process at various gun shops well over fifty times over the years, so I have a pretty good idea of how things should go. My experience buying a gun here wasn't just bad, it's was unbelievably bad. It wasn't one thing in particular, it was the entire experience, from trying to get help at the counter, to them not being able to find the gun which was in stock, then finally the worst part, the process and paperwork of actually making the purchase. I heard the horror stories so I was somewhat prepared, deciding to go in on a Tuesday at 10am. Though I was one of only a handful of people in the store the process still took over three hours. Thinking it must be a fluke, I agreed to go with a friend when he made a gun purchase -- same exact experience.

With that out of the way, I'll say that I still enjoy spending an afternoon browsing here. Something about the atmosphere puts me at ease, which I'm sure is by meticulous design. Growing up flipping through the catalogs, there's a certain nostalgia for the brand. I've never had a bad experience aside from the gun purchases.
It's Cabela's and has the name to bring in the crowds. But as others stated the parking lot is a maze and with only one exit it takes more time to get in and out than most places. I purchased one firearm from them, and with the "take a number" thing and then the extremely long wait to actually make the purchase I've decided I'll stick to my LGS. I still browse their sales flyer and if I find the right deal I'm sure I would take advantage of it but they are not at the top of my list for anything in particular.
  • Most rimfire options in area
  • Most reloading options in area
  • Most ammo options in area
  • Cool fish tank
  • Free smells (candied nuts cooking near front)
  • Parking lot sucks
  • Non existent firearm counter employees
  • Take a number gun counter
  • Checkout takes forever
I'll stop by this store if I head south for whatever reason, I have never driven there for it alone. It is definitely a combo stop store for me. I have to have another reason to be in this area to want to go inside.

I want to say everything but the ammo is really a blur for me. I've looked at the clothing, once. I've looked at the fishing, once. I've looked at the rest of the store, once. After realizing the prices on most things are the same as everyone else prices, or worse, the ammo and reloading components are all I buy from this store.

I've tried on a few occasions to look at guns, and even once to buy. All of these times I got annoyed or tired of the wait as they are similar to the DMV when it comes to looking at our buying a gun. At some point I wouldn't be surprised if they put a robot behind the gun counter.
  • Awesome store in the traditional Bass Pro/Cabela's format
  • Lots of friendly and helpful employees
  • Love the huge footwear section
  • Lots of guns and ammo
  • Parking lot is frustrating, take a helicopter instead of driving.
  • Checkout can be slow, bring a magazine.
Nice that they came to town. It's a tremendous store in regards to selection. If you want the big (HUGE) box sporting goods store experience, it doesn't disappoint.
That being said, while the store itself is magnificent, my rating in two areas jades my experience. Since the store opened, I've been there about a dozen times. Each time I have visited, I have experienced two levels of hell. One is the parking lot. Entering is easy enough, but somewhat confusing as the ingress dumps you at the beginning of the rat maze. Exiting the maze can be maddening, with only one exit. Pedestrians are left to cross at random across the flow of anxious people trying to leave. I don't blame Cablea's for this, per se. They were probably forced to incorporate city zoning guidelines which restrict how many parking spaces there can be in relation to the square footage of the building. If there are too many, then they must incorporate traffic islands or add more satellite retail. It's basically the progressive anti-car agenda at work.
My other beef with Cabela's is their check out. Each and every time I have been there I have always encountered an aggravating wait at the check out. If somebody has a problem it seems like it can't be solved without the cashier consulting several levels of management. Very
Frustrating and time consuming.
Bottom line, it's a nice store. I've had the good fortune to shop at Bass Pro's elsewhere in the country and I was happy to see them bring a Cabela's to our area.

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2.57 star(s) 7 ratings

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