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The BLAC-RAC Story

Kevin Pintar is an experienced manufacturing operations executive who is a recreational sport shooter. In the mid 2000s, Kevin was looking for a way to secure his long-barrel (rifle-like) guns in his home. He came up with a device that met his safety needs while allowing flexibility for securing his different types of guns.

Kevin recognized that his design was unique, and he submitted an application for a patent.

Kevin refined the design, made up some prototypes, and invested in exhibiting at a large gun show in Las Vegas. This show had two distinct sections…recreational shooters (sport and hunting), and security (police, agency and military). Kevin had registered for the recreational section, but his display space was placed in the security section. To his surprise, several police chiefs stopped by, many asking if Kevin's gun rack could be adapted to fit in a police car. Kevin accepted an invitation to visit a police car garage to see if the product could be adapted to fit a patrol car. Three days later, modifications and features were identified.

Kevin returned home, redesigned the product, invested in tooling, and set up shop in his garage and on his wife's kitchen table. With his first production models, he attended an annual SWAT Show in Orlando, Florida in 2008, and sales began. Around this time, Kevin left his 15-year position as an operations executive with the ECCO Group to pursue his new product full-time. He named the product "BLAC-RAC", since the rack was designed to hold all types of tactical weapons, known in the industry as "Black Weapons".

The requirements of a growing business led Kevin to consult with his friend, mentor and retired ECCO Group CEO, Ed Zimmer. After months of strategizing, Kevin and Ed decided to recapitalize the company, and BLAC-RAC was able to move out of the Pintar family garage and into a small manufacturing facility in Meridian, Idaho, near Boise. The company ultimately reached capacity in their small facility, and in October, 2014, moved a larger facility in Boise to meet increasing demand.

The Blac-Rac brand has grown to represent leadership in innovation, quality and exceeding customer expectations. Now serving hundreds of law enforcement fleets throughout North America, there are more than 70,000 BLAC-RAC units in use.

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