1. Plan-B
    "Quick & efficient transfers. Really nice folks."
    I've decided that this is going to be my go-to FFL for out of state transfers. I placed 2 orders with different retailers and my experience receiving them with Money Market were fantastic.

    The first order was with a retailer who didn't have MM's FFL on file. So after placing the order, I emailed MM with my order info to have them send their FFL. This was about 4:30 in the afternoon. I wake up the next morning to a reply that they'd send their license info. Two days later, I go in to pick up a new Beretta APX. The owner (I'm guessing he's the owner), isn't 100% up to date on all the latest tech. I ordered a Wolf Grey frame for the APX at the same time. When he saw the frame, he asked if I'd ordered 2 guns. I explained that it's interchangeable and that the frame isn't serialized. He, very nicely, asked if I minded that he check. I didn't blame him, if he gets something wrong, it's his FFL on the line. But even with that, my start-to-finish time was about 10 minutes. My second order was even better. They were already on file with the retailer, so no extra effort was needed on my part. I had an XD(M) and an LCP II sent there. In and out, I'd say it took him 5 minutes to process the paperwork and background check.

    They're really friendly. Well, about as friendly as anyone can be when you're in the store for less than 10 minutes at a time. :) They charge $20 per gun plus $10 for the BGC. For one gun, the price is pretty typical at $30. If you're ordering 2 or more, you can probably find a better price if you're willing to shop around a bit. But given my experience with them so far, I don't feel all that compelled to shop around.

    If you want to look over the inventory they have, find a time to go when it's not busy. The glass case is packed so full with handguns that you're literally looking at the tops of slides. If you know your stuff, you can figure out what's what. But they're packed in so tight, you can't make out most of the price tags. From what I was able to see, everything seemed to be tagged at full MSRP. So you'll probably need to try haggling a little if you want any discounting.
  2. STUKA
    "Great service"
    Over the past month,I have been the seller for 2 private transfers and 1 purchase.
    Just bought an AK this morning,as a matter of fact.
    These guys are really friendly,knowledgeable,and easy to work with.
    Completely painless transactions all 3 times.
    I really appreciate the lack of condescending attitude that some other places have.
    I live VERY close to several pawn shops and a BIG name gun shop,and I've had nothing but B.S. from them.
    Money Market pawn has gained my business,and I will go out of my way to drive to them rather than use the other jerks nearby.

    Also,the transfer fee is reasonable compared to my local places.($30 compared to $50 from the "cool guys")
    Anyway,if you're members here,thanks guys!
  3. aarond
    "Small selection but cheap transfers"
    Small shop but the guys are always fun and pleasant and they have cheap FFL transfers.
    As of my last visit, still $20 plus $10 for the state for a total $30. He's my go to for online orders.