1. ma96782
    "I had a good experience at Keith's"
    Some may like it and some don't. Whatever.

    I've bought stuff and used guns too from Keith's (even though I'm a Vancouver, WA resident). My dealings were always positive. And, that also goes for the FFL on the WA side that Keith's uses.

    I've also taken my friends that were visiting from Hawaii there too. They were impressed.

    Aloha, Mark
  2. peternov01
    "bad service, and trash talk"
    went there three times to do trades with Keith, last one was for a browning high power made in Belgium i've had for over 20 years sitting in my safe. I wanted to use it as trade toward another gun. The trade value he gave me was much lower (200.00) than i would have got just selling it to cabelas, and i told him that. As soon as i told him that he goes on a rant about cabelas and gun prices in general and telling me my gun is not worth what they are offering and some more trash talk i won't post. In The end i went to another gun shop who had what i wanted for the same price and gave me what i wanted in trade. I have tried three times to do business with him due to the store being less than a mile from my house but i'll never go back in there again.
  3. Glock32
    "nice service"
    I walked in waited a minute (about lunch on a Tuesday) asked how they could help. Told them I was looking for a blue label Glick 19. Gave me what I asked for paid the money and all was well. I am loyal to no store its all about price to me. I have purchased a few here in the last 12-15 years and always rcvd good service.
  4. Tirving
    "Good prices, Good shop, Customer Service Lacking"
    I've been in there a few times, getting reloading supplies and odds and ends. Usually, I knew what I wanted and got it without much hanging around. When I was shopping for a rifle and handgun, it seemed like the folks there just couldn't care less about helping me when I had questions. That was about a year ago; but it left an impression as I purchased the guns I mentioned elsewhere and now think about other gun shops when deciding on future purchases.
  5. aarond
    "Good selection and price, not such great service"
    I pick up something from Keith from time to time. Keith is hard to see as he stays busy and every other request I have is special and has to go through him. The sales people seem to not really know their stuff and are so busy; I always feel a bit rude being assertive enough to get their attention. If you can get their attention and already know what you want (becasue again, they may or may not know what they're talking about or have any experience with what they are talking about) they have decent enough prices on most things.
    Worth a stop, but don't plan on it being a quick stop or getting great service or learning much.
    But hey, if you leave with a sweet new toy, that's what it's all about right?
  6. Luzelines
    "Great selection and prices."
    I've shopped at Keith's for almost 10 years, and it's still my go-to shop despite being on the other side of town. Indeed, this is not a place to come in and get a bunch of information about a certain item, expecting the staff to spend a bunch of time explaining. I can only recall once when i was able to get service right after walking in....there are usually several folks ahead of you. I've also had the luxury of being able to stop in mid day during the week - weekends can be nuts and plan on a wait.

    However, if you know what you want, and you've done your homework, this is the place to get a good price on that item.

    At the shows however, i've noticed that due to the amount of tables they usually have, their staff expands to not just about everyone from the store, but their friends and friends of friends. This means that some of the folks there don't work in the firearms industry full time so may be limited in their knowledge of the products.
  7. MrMcMcClelland
    "Great inventory and used selection"
    I go to Keith's often and have purchased several firearms from them. I liken a visit to Keith's to a gun show (or the expo gun show) without having to pay for parking or entry. So for me it is worth the short drive out to Gresham.

    Their used selection is I think the best in Portland, and I picked up a used P226 for under $500 from them at the last show.

    Their shelves are almost always full with a lot of inventory to browse through. Ranging from Firearms, accessories, tools, holsters and knives.

    Despite living on the other side of town I will happily drive out to Keith's to buy from them before anyone else.
  8. Chakakhaan
    "Excellent and helpful"
    I visited Keith's for the first time a little while ago. They were very helpful and I picked up a nice used sig from them.

    Where they didn't have what I needed they directed me to someone who did.

    I will buy as many firearms related items from them as I can.
  9. NWGlockgal
    "Great gun shop with some limitations"
    Just be aware that you may have to wait for help, and don't be shy about going and asking for it. When I do get helped, the staff has been great.

    Utilize email if you want to know if something is in stock and you are having trouble getting them on the phone. I have done that a few times and they either emailed me back the same day or the next day.

    I am sure one of the reasons their prices are good is that they manage their expenses, which includes staffing. More staff means higher prices. I can wait a bit to save money, and I never go on weekends.

    Overall, I am satisfied with Keith's, both in the store and at gun shows. Great selection and prices and you can pretty much order anything they don't have in stock.
  10. Cherpybird
    "Keith's is awesome"
    I have purchased multiple items from Keith's they are excellent and for the most part their staff are very helpful. Lots of inventory and prices to fit just about any budget. They have lots of used inventory, and just about every magpul accessory available.